How To Have Free Internet On Your Cell Phone Or Tablet Without Using Programs

Surely you have had times when you have needed Free Internet for your mobile or Tablet Android, but you don’t know how to do it. That is why we tell you that it is possible to have free internet without having to download extra applications on your phone.

This is necessary when a Wi-Fi speed test indicates that the connection is failing and we need to perform transactions or respond to important messages. So here we show you some ways to have free internet for your mobile or Tablet.

How To Have Free Internet On Your Cell Phone Or

It is possible to have unlimited internet on your cell phone

As previously mentioned, this is possible through certain applications and special configurations. Different cases for Android or iOS, since the first one is more permissive in this particular. Now, you can choose between creating an APN or using apps to find free Wi-Fi networks.

How to create a new APN to have internet on my mobile

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For this method, you need to make some small adjustments to your device’s VPN in order to have a more secure connection.

Next, the first thing you should do is make sure that your phone has one of the versions of the Android system and its characteristics greater than 4.0.

In addition, understanding what it is, what it is for and how to update the Android Kernel, its kernel version must end in «917”.

Now, to create a new APN you must go to «Settings» then «Network options”And finally to“Access point names «Or» APN «Once there press the» + icon.

You will see some boxes, but you only have to change the following information:

Name: Free APN



Port: 8080


Password: 123456

Authentication type: PAP or CHAP

APN Type: Default.

Once you make the changes you must click on «Keep”, And you will have your new APN created for when you need it.

Where to get a place with free internet for my phone or tablet?

Now, if at home changing the VPN does not work, it is possible to find some other methods to get free internet for your mobile or Tablet.

If you have the Facebook application installed on your mobile or tablet, this can be a way to find free internet. You just have to log in with your account and select the menu found on the right side of the screen.

Now, you are going to click on the option «Search Wi-Fi” And immediately you will be able to see all the available WiFi networks that are around you.

The disadvantage of this option is that it will only give you free network options in restaurants, hotels or bars that are around you. But it will not show you the possible networks of other places.

On the other hand, one way to have free internet for your mobile or Tablet is to search for WiFi networks without configuring the keys that are around you. For this you only need to go to “Settings” And pressures on the option“Wifi«, Now click on ”Update”.


Next, you will see a list of all the WiFi networks that are available around you. You just have to check if any of them are free and enter it.

Another way of to enjoy free Internet for mobile or tablet is to go to parks, shopping centers or restaurants that among their services offer users a free WiFi network.

Normally, in order to enjoy this service, it is necessary to consume local products, in the case of restaurants. In shopping centers, on the other hand, it is common for the network to be saturated and for browsing with the network to be a bit slow.

The same happens with the WiFi networks of the parks, because they are open to the public there are times that are too collapsed and it won’t let you do much with it.

As we have already mentioned, there are apps to get free Wi-Fi. Sometimes they are apps where other users voluntarily share their passwords with another app user.

WiFiMap, one of the most characteristic apps on this topic. Well, WiFiMap is a great tool in different locations around the world. Giving us the opportunity of millions of access points around the world. It is an offline type app that offers a GPS location of the access points for IOS and Android.

For our use, the Avast Wi-Fi Finder, has a function based on making free Wi-Fi access points available to us. Which serves to connect us safely.

Finally, Open Signal WiFiMapper, a really valuable app. Well, for free and personalized, it gives us the possibility of accessing millions of Wi-Fi points in the world.

How can I configure a VPN to have free internet

Keep in mind that a VPN allows us to create an internet connection privately. To create it we must, as before, go to the phone’s Settings. From there we locate the part of networks and we will click on the option more…

We select the VPN box and then we go to the option to add VPN Network. We start in the name box and type Vypr VPN. Furthermore, we continue, and then we go over the Type option and type PPTP in it.

To continue, we can search for some hosts of the desired geographic location. For instance, which belongs to Los Angeles, CA.

Having finished, we save the VPN and then we select it and write our username and password, we give the option to save and then connect.

With this VPN, we can access free wifi networks and other free connections. This without detecting our location or only positioning ourselves in a place with fewer restrictions on web pages.

Configure VPN

It is true that there are many tricks that you can find on the internet that offer you free internet for mobile and Tablet easily. But this is not always true and rather they can damage your phone or tablet, since many depend on an application.

There are no official apps that can help you get free internet, and normally the ones mentioned on the internet are programs that you must download from one of those pages, which causes your phone to suffer damage.

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