How to have iCloud passwords in Chrome with this new extension

Environments «only for Apple», in which you have a product of the brand and you must stay in the Apple system, they are lagging behind. This giant has just introduced a extension in Chrome browser called Passwords in iCloud, which allows you to manage your Apple account through the browser of another giant, Google.

Now people devoted to the apple can manage your accounts in powerful Chrome just by installing the extension Passwords in iCloud. With this, Apple gives its faithful the opportunity to allow themselves to safely check outside the Apple environment some other information that the other faithful of the family, Safari, cannot access because it does not have access on some platforms.

icloud chrome - internal

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And it also works the other way around. If you are a Windows user, by installing the iCloud Passwords extension, when creating or managing your account under Chrome, it will work also when you enter apple environment, so the gain is reciprocal.

In the world of computing, technology and networks, where globalization is the trend, they are beginning to see an opening between these two rivalsalthough this is not new. Since the iCloud Windows 10 app has been available in the Microsoft Store since 2019.

icloud with chrome capture

These actions of Apple with iCloud Passwords suggest that we may see more positive exchanges between these two greats. For the rumors that are heard, these openings also come for Apple Music and Apple Postcast, so we elucidate that the only injured and future corpse will be the bridge application iTunes for Windows. See what happens…


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