How to Have Two Uber Accounts on the Same Cell Phone – Step-by-Step Guide

The need to move from one place to another quickly, leads us to use different means of transport, with the overpopulation of most cities taking a bus, subway or taxi turns out to be a challenge. Especially if we need to move during peak hours, or at night which can also be dangerous.

For these situations we have an international company called Uber, which provides a comfortable, fast and safe service, it is also very easy to order.

In Uber you can request different types of service according to your need since it has different types of vehicles. From the typical 4-seater cars to the familiar 6-seaters, it also offers executive service for your company.

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Let us show you some other characteristics of this popular company worldwide, and what you must do to request their services.

How to access Uber services?

Today there are already millions of people who have this new transport service, which is available in many citiesIf this transport service is available in your city, here we will show you how to easily access it. The first thing you should know is that Uber works through an application that you must have on your mobile.

uber is a very efficient transportation service

This can be downloaded from the android and iOS application stores, once downloaded you can use the service, once you have downloaded and installed the App, you must create an account in the system from your application. To do this, follow the following steps that we will describe below so that you can register and request an Uber service.

Now open the Uber app on your device, this will ask you to enter your phone number, once the number is entered, you will receive a message on your mobile with a code that you must verify.

This should be the number you will use to request the services, now you will proceed to register your account. To do this, you must provide your data such as names and surnames, age, among others that will be requested to create an account.

Once the registration is done, you must create an 8-character password to protect your account and access it. The application will show you the different conditions of use and their privacy policies if you agree, select accept. In this easy and fast way you will have created an account in Uber with which to request the service you want.

With Uber you have several forms of payment, you can link a credit or debit card or pay in cash. There are those who have chosen to create two accounts so that one can request the service and pay with cash. Without the need to provide bank details, if that is your case, you would surely want to use both on the same cell phone.

How do I have two Uber accounts on my cell phone?

To be able to enjoy the services of the transport company Uber It is necessary to register an account from the App. But you may want to have two accounts to request services, one to pay in cash and the other to pay by card. In this case, what you should do is install the Uber application twice on your device, let’s see how.

uber locates and transfers you quickly and easily

Step 1

It’s necessary that download and install another application that allows you to have the same App on your cell phone twice. Today we will talk about one of these applications that will make it possible for you to install any App on your devices twice.

Step 2

The application is called Parallel Space, it is an App that you can find in the Play Store, once installed on your device, this application will allow you to have any application like Uber twice.

Step 3

This creates a space on your cell phone, where The App that you want to duplicate will be installed to use them with another account. It is very easy to use and it is an option to have the Uber App on your device twice.

There are other Similar applications available in the Play Store, which will allow you to make a copy of an App on your device. Whichever you decide to use, you will be able to use two Uber accounts on the same cell phone.

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