How to Hide Contacts and Chats in Skype Easily

Often times, we would like to keep our conversations or group of contacts on Skype private. With this tool we can configure the two options in a few seconds and very easily. Therefore, we invite you to read this interesting article with which you will learn How to hide contacts and chats in Skype easily.

What is skype?

Chat call on Skype

Have you ever wondered what Skype means and what Skype does? Skype is an application that allows users to communicate from anywhere in the world. This useful tool is highly regarded for its many functions such as the instant messaging, calls and video conferencing.

How does Skype work?

Skype works using P2P technology that has also been used by other popular applications. Therefore, Skype is presented as a versatile, fluid program with high sound quality.

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Skype facilitates direct communication between users by using the voice-type internet protocol «VoIP» which is based on the conversion of voice signals into digital packets. Also, Skype uses a proprietary protocol through closed code. It is important to note that although users download the application to use it on their computers or mobile devices, it is also possible to use Skype online without downloading anything.

Hide Skype contacts

How to hide contacts and chats in Skype easily

If you want to hide contacts and chats in Skype easily and in a few seconds, it is necessary that access your contact list which are organized through the program interface. In this sense, it is convenient that you follow the steps that we explain below.

Access Skype

First of all, you need to access the Skype application from your personal account. It is essential that you update Skype to the latest version for PC or cell phone. Once you do this task, locate the program on your PC and write your username and password. The program interface will show you a group that corresponds to the contact list. If you don’t have any contacts listed, read the next step.

Manage your contacts

It is highly recommended that you apply the contact settings so that you can organize the list into a group. To achieve this, you can send your name to your friends for the purpose of expanding your list or inviting them to join the Skype application.

If another user adds you to their list, you will receive a message indicating if you want to accept the invitation. If you prefer add contacts from settings, click on the «Contacts» tab and search for people by name or a particular piece of information from their profiles. Then, press the «Add» button.

Hide all contacts in Skype

Once you have your contact list organized, you can proceed to hide it through the «Contacts» tab. You will see a drop-down menu where you must locate the option «Hide contact groups». Skype will immediately hide all your contacts.

Hide specific contacts

You can also hide specific contacts from the «Contacts» tab. There, you must select in the drop-down menu «Hide contacts that» and mark the option to hide particular contacts.

Chats on skype

Hide chats in Skype

On the other hand, if you prefer to hide a chat in the Skype application, the procedure is very simple. You should only click on the conversation you want to hide or hold it down. Then, choose the option «Hide conversation».

In this way, the conversation disappears from the chat list and will remain hidden until a new message arrives or when you decide to activate the visibility of the chats again. Also, when you see fit, you can decide if you want to delete your Skype conversation history permanently or not.

How can I see the chats again?

In order to turn on the visibility of chats, you must press the button «Additional content down». Then, click on “Hidden Chats” to show all the conversations that were hidden again.

In addition, you can access the hidden chats from the option «Look for». All you have to do is write the name of a contact or a conversation name in the text box and the interface will open the chat again regardless of whether it is configured as hidden.

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