How to Hide or Change the Name and Age Range in Tinder with or without Facebook if I put it wrong

How to Hide or Change the Name and Age Range
How to Hide or Change the Name and Age Range

Tinder is undoubtedly not only one of the best applications for flirting or dating for free, but also one of the most popular in recent years. Well, it offers search and selection tools that allow people to know their ideal date.

However, Tinder does not escape the fact that you are the one who makes mistakes when choosing, for example, the age range of the people you want to meet or the way in which you wrote your name. These errors sometimes become quite tedious, because together with the photos, the name is the first thing people see in a profile.

But you don't need to worry, we will show you a simple way to change age range on Tinder. Likewise, you will learn how to change the name on Tinder with or without Facebook if you put it wrong.


How to hide or change the name on Tinder with Facebook?

Putting the wrong name on the Tinder dating app is a mistake that many make, but it is nothing to fear because you can change name on Tinder. Most of the people who use the application and have created their account on Tinder without a phone number, have done so through the social network Facebook.

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Remember that, when you proceed to log into Tinder with Facebook, the data you had on this social network is the one that appears in the dating application. So if you want to change your name on Tinder, and even your age, what you should do is change the settings of this data on Facebook.

Once this is done, you only have to wait about a day for the change to be made in the application. You must bear in mind that Tinder must have access to your Facebook account and synchronize so that the change can be made.

How to hide or change the name on Tinder without Facebook?

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Making a mistake writing our name can be something that happens to us frequently. Although initially on the dating app you cannot change your name or age After creating the account, if you put your name wrong on Tinder, nothing happens, you can change it. However, what you should keep in mind is that if you logged into the application with your phone number or without Facebook, it is not as simple as when you start using the application from Facebook.

So, the first option you have to change the name of your Tinder account is by synchronizing it with the Facebook social network. Once you have changed these aspects in the configuration of the social network you will see the same changes in your Tinder profile.

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On the other hand, if you prefer not to sync Tinder with Facebook, what you can do is delete your Tinder account and log into a new account later. Keep in mind that with this option you lose your matches, messages and any other information that this account possessed. Once you have deleted your account, you just have to create a new one and try to put your name the way you want this time.

How to change the age range on Tinder if I put it wrong?

Another common mistake when setting up your Tinder profile for the first time is search preferences. Among these preferences is the age range of the people you want to appear to match. Do not worry, because if you want you can change the age range on Tinder. Either because you put it wrong or because your preferences regarding the age of your ideal partner have changed.

To make such a change, you must access settings through the icon that shows your profile in the application. Then, you have to scroll to the Discovery Settings option. Once you are there, you will see options for location, distance, gender identity and the one you are interested in changing which is age range.

In this way, you must adjust your age range preferences using the sliding scale available in the application. You just have to move it to select age range of people with which you want to match.

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