How to Identify if a Printer Cartridge is Genuine or Fake

Mainly the printer cartridge is in charge of projecting the ink on the paper, it is considered as a replaceable set of the printer. This system goes inside the machine and it contains ink, taking into account that it can be based on water or a special solvent.

In turn, each cartridge contains one or more ink containersSome of these cartridges contain a chip to allow communication with the printer.

But, the slightest care should always be taken when acquiring these items, since in many occasions they do not sell the original. For this reason you must understand how to identify when an ink cartridge is fake or original.

Due to the above, the objective of this article is to teach you how to easily identify this action. In this way you will not run the risk of purchasing a poor quality or fake product.

How to know if the ink cartridge is genuine or fake?

How to know if the ink cartridge is genuine or fake

It should be mentioned that the manufacturers of the cartridges are making a great effort so that users can identify when the product is original and thus end the illegal business.

Next, you must take into account some aspects to be able to identify the original cartridges from the fake ones. For example, the HP brand has given some indications to identify originality:

Hashtag, QR code y Code numbers: The HP brand implemented three systems in its cartridges to distinguish the original. These cartridges contain a security label, a QR code and a number code, thus avoiding counterfeit products. If you want to create your own QR Code from Microsoft Word we will show you how to do it.

A computer program: This program is software designed to check the originality of the new cartridge. It is important to note that HP brand printers come with this program and have the ability to warn the user when they detect that the cartridge may be fake.

Finish date: This system consists in that the cartridge and the box in which the product comes have the same date. You just have to check that the two dates coincide.

Packaging: You must consider that all the packaging of the original products have high quality. In addition, there should be no printing errors in the indications of the product, much less detect that the product has been opened.

These are some techniques that you can take into account when buying a cartridge, do not be fooled. It is important to note that you take these recommendations into account, since counterfeit cartridges can damage the printer.

Counterfeit cartridges can damage your printer

EPSON printer with cartridges

First of all, it should be taken into account that there are a large number of cartridge models, among which we mention: Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Brother Industries, Xerox Okidata, among others. It should be considered that the cartridges depend on the brand and mostly on the model. Here we show you how to deactivate the Epson message that indicates that there is no ink left.

On many occasions it may turn out that the cartridge has an affordable cost to users, but behind that lies the counterfeit. For this reason you must be careful, you are also imitations they even have the logo as if it were original, these counterfeits can impair the operation of your printing machine. If you have an HP printer, we can help you with this anti-counterfeiting program.

It should be considered that distribution of fake printer cartridges is illegal, in addition, these products they can cause damage to your equipment What: constant reprints, the lack of quality in the printing means an extra waste of ink and paper.

In addition to this, having fake products implies that they can malfunction, for this reason, color prints will not be well distinguished and the final print finish will be of poor quality.

Similarly, prints can be blurred due to product counterfeiting. There will be a lack of reliability. In addition, counterfeit equipment does not have technical support or guarantees, for this reason you have nowhere to turn in case of any damage.

For this reason, you should consider carefully evaluating the conditions and origins of your cartridges before purchasing them so that your printer continues to function well. Consider evaluating and taking each of the indications into account when purchasing a cartridge so that your prints have good quality.

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