How to Identify if a Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 Cell Phone is Original, Clone or Replica

Currently determining if a cell phone Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 is original, clone or replica has become quite a common theme due to the increase in hoaxes and piracy.

It is more and more frequent that people suffer scams when buying mobile devices because they do it in places or people that are not safe.

However Checking if a Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phone is original is usually as simple as checking if a Samsung A10, A20, A30 cell phone is original, clone or replica.

Samsung devices in the last decade have positioned themselves among the best and favorites of users when choosing a mobile device, this due to its excellent prices and quality.

A form of avoid buying cloned equipment, replicas or pirates is to buy from sites that have a good reputation, for example buying from Amazon safely is quite safe due to their sales policies.

Physical examination to identify if Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phone is original

To verify if a Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phone is original, the first step consists of perform a physical exam complete device.

In general, verifying if an iPhone device is original or fake is usually a simpler process since piracy is less common in these types of brandsHowever, it is also easy to verify without a Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

One of the first tests or details to note to determine if the Galaxy cell phone is original, clone or a replica is to verify the Brightness of the screenIn general, Samsung devices have bright colors while replicas have opaque colors.

Another detail to note in the phones noted is the space between the screen and the edgeIf it is a cloned phone, it will be quite wide.

identifies original samsung galaxy a70 a50 cell phone

A fairly obvious and true factor to determine if the Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phone is original is that these devices have glass screensAs it is a cloned Galaxy, the screen will have a more plastic feel.

Identify Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phone through its performance

Some replicas of Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phones are usually quite convincing in terms of their physical appearances so another way to prove their originality is through their performance.

Cloned or replica Samsung phones in terms of performance are usually quite slow and present multiple development failures.

It is possible to check if it is a fake device opening multiple apps at the same time, such as listening to music, using browsers, loading applications, if it is a cloned device it may hang.

One last fairly simple test that not many know is that on cell phones Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 it is possible to take pictures while recording a video, a feature that cloned phones don’t have.

Samsung Kies and codes to identify if a Galaxy A70, A50 is original

Piracy of Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 cell phones and their accessories nowadays it is quite common, in such a way that it is possible to find fake micro SD cards. One of the safest ways to check if it is a replica or clone is by using Samsung Kies.

samsung galaxy a70 replica or clone cell

To use this method it will be necessary download the Samsung Kies app On the Windows PC or MAC computer, it is available on the official Samsung website.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, it will be necessary to connect the Samsung Galaxy A70 cell phone USB cable, A50 to the computer.

Being within the application, it will be necessary to wait for the Samsung Kies software to recognize the device name and the cell phone firmware information, this will check the originality of the phone.

In case the application Samsung Kies does not recognize the device, it will be necessary to do a second test to definitely check if it is a Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 replica.

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