How to Identify the Exact Breed of my Dog with the ‘Dogzam’ App

All over the world we have the great pleasure of enjoying a great diversity of animals that beautify each place, from the beautiful sound of a bird, the dive of a dolphin, to the fearful roar of a ferocious lion. All this diversity of animals make life have color and entertainment, even on television and through applications we can simulate and enjoy them.

It should be noted that among all that diversity of animals there is one in particular that most of us have, what is that animal? It is what many call “faithful friend” or “best friend” and is the “dog.”

the great variety of dog breeds is enormous

There is a great diversity of dogs in the world, the reality is that if there are them and in different places, they generate jobs of different categories – as passers – for many people, in addition, physically, this great variability of dogs in the world is different, really all of them are analogically the same ”. This was explained by Elaine Ostrander geneticist at the National Institute for Human Genome Research in the United States.

Now, how many breeds of dogs are there worldwide?

There are many breeds of beautiful canines that exist all over the world, the International Sinological Federation, is the one that deals with ensuring, promoting and enforcing the rules. This is to improve the breeding of dogs and indicated that there are 353 breeds of dogs in the world.

The International Sinological Federation, created several groups of races so that we can all know them and they are the following: Pinscher and Schnauzer Canines, Spitz and Primitive Canines, Dachshund Canines, Hound Canines, Cattle and Herding Canines, Terrier Canines. We can also find Sighthound Canines, Companion Canines, Hunting and Tracking Canines and Sample Canines.

With so much variety of canines worldwide, connoisseurs of these animals can recognize them just by looking at them. The method they use is only to see the legs, the head, the hair, the ears, the color and the tail. But he who is not an expert in recognizing what breed a canine belongs to, it becomes more difficult.

For this reason, as a strange thing, technology has already created an App to identify the breed of the puppy or to control its barking. This application is called “Dogzam”, and here we are going to explain how to identify the exact breed of your dog with it.

What is the Dogzam app?

Dogzam is an App that helps you to know the data and characteristics of the dog you want to identifyIt also helps you to know what the physical exterior is, such as the behavior and the principle of the canine. But how to identify the exact breed of my dog ​​with the ‘Dogzam’ app?

dogzam lets you know what your dog's breed is

  1. The first thing you should do is download the “Dogzam” application through Google Play on your cell phone.
  2. The “Dogzam” application is available for devices that have the iOS App and for the Android App.
  3. Subsequently, you must enter the application “Dogzam”, open it and there it gives you the option to take the photo. then focus on the puppy and Take a photo of it with your cell phone and upload it to the “Dogzam” application.
  4. When you upload the photo to the App “Dogzam”, you will get the option to cut the photo.
  5. After trimming the photo, there will be a record about the dog that you took the photograph, the record that will come out is: what family it comes from, the regular size of the canine, the weight and character of the dog.
  6. This application has a storage figure with a large capacity that improves the search results, this App “Dogzam” identifies the breed, since It has more than 300 breeds of dogs stored in it.
  7. If you use this App frequently, the results will be more satisfactory because it recognizes you more races and mixed, if you take the photo of something else, a notice will appear that verification cannot be carried out.
  8. When the problem is to identify a canine and it does not show you the results, the App will tell you to try again.
  9. This App at the moment is available in English, also anyone who handles the language can download it.

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