How to Identify the Font of an Image with my Android Mobile?

When are we going to buy a new cell phone at a physical store; We will need the help of one of your employees to be able to identify the name of the models. Most of the brands have a great variety, but each device has a specific name so that, when ordering it, it is easier for us. This can also happen to us when we want to identify the font of an image.

If we are on the web with our Android mobile and we see some spectacular font in an image, we would like someone to tell us their name. Precisely in this post we are going to help you so that when such a situation happens to you, you can know what to do. In the end you will see that the tool that we will show you will be that good friend who will identify the letter that has caught your attention.

Letter fonts can be of great importance

Analyzing it cold; the detail of having a good typography when writing can make a difference. For example, in social networks we could reflect our personality; at the same time our profile will be more striking. Also if we have a website, the font we use will influence so that we have more interested in our content. This is just to mention a couple of examples.

piece of paper with the word research seen through a magnifying glass

Being a fact that fonts can cause a visual impact, then we should not hesitate when observing with our Android mobile one that is striking. There are applications and programs capable of identifying any source of letter from an image. Having one of these tools will then allow us to buy or find the one that we will use in our publications for free.

Android app to identify the font of an image

The app that users are using the most and having excellent results is WhatTheFont. This platform offers us a free service to identify any type of letter; and we can download it directly to our Android. This application will ask us for access to our camera and the multimedia files to use them when we mount a photo or image that we want to extract its typography.

Take into account that when we take a photograph we must try to make it as frontal as possible; so WhatTheFont detects letters more easily. In case it does not automatically detect the source, it contains a manual tool to select specific zones where it is present. Of course, one painting at a time.

An important detail is that the service is more effective when the letters to be identified are at least 100 pixels high. Also the selected fragment must contain about twenty letters, arranged without touching and as horizontal as possible.

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When selecting them, we continue advancing so that it then shows us the possible font that it has detected in the box. The platform may not be correct in its diagnosis, but it will still offer us options that are closer to what we are looking for. Once obtained, we will have to search for it on the web because the app itself does not allow access to purchases or download fonts from another site on the internet.

If we want to get hold of this application, let’s go to the Google Play store and follow the download steps. The functionality of this platform is based on artificial intelligence and that is why it does its job quickly and efficiently.

If you are one of those who loves fonts spectacular lyrics, you have found the necessary information to know how to identify them using your Android mobile. We would like you to tell us how your experience was with the help we have given you in this post. But first, do not leave without giving us your opinion of what you read.

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