How to Import a Word Document into WordPress Easily? (Example)

Putting or inserting a Word document in a web page from WordPress requires the use of additional tools since there is no direct way to achieve this end. Through the following guide you will learn How to import a Word document into WordPress easily?, something especially useful for website owners.

Mammoth .docx converter

In case you want to upload documents in Word format to the WordPress platform, we recommend using the Mammoth .docx converter tool. This is a completely free plugin with which it is possible to upload files from Microsoft Word.

Using this plugin will greatly streamline the process of uploading posts to your WordPress website. For all those content creators or those who have a personal blog, it is known that the upload process in WordPress is somewhat annoying, for this reason We invite you to try this plugin. Later, you can make use of the HTML tab to put images together in WordPress, which will give a higher quality to the content.

Word in WordPress

Positives and negatives of Mammoth .docx converter

As main positive aspect, Mammoth .docx converter will save time when uploading Word documents, since it will be enough to press a few clicks, greatly facilitating the process of publishing entries on our blog or website.

On the other hand, as a negative aspect, the most important flaw is precisely the impossibility of uploading several documents at the same time, since the plugin only allow upload one at a time.

Another negative aspect is that it only reads documents in docx format, therefore, in the case of having a Word file in another format, you must first convert it to docx, otherwise the plugin will not read it properly.

Although the program has its shortcomings, it is undoubtedly highly recommended to save some time when uploading posts in WordPress. For this reason we recommend that you read the following guide

How to import a Word document into WordPress easily?

The process to install and use Mammoth .docx converter It is very simple, in any case, we recommend that you read the following guide carefully to do it properly:

  1. The first thing you should do is open the configuration options of your page in WordPress.
  2. Once you are within these options, you must locate the section “Plugins”, Through which you can download multiple tools to improve your website. When clicking on this option, “Add new” will appear, click here.
  3. The section to add plugins to your WordPress page will then be displayed, on the right side of the screen you will find the search engine, here you must write the following Mammoth .docx converter.
  4. After the previous step, the Mammoth .docx converter plugin should appear on the screen, which is the one that we will use to import Word documents to our WordPress page. All you have to do is click on the “Install now” option.

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Use Mammoth .docx converter to import a Word document into WordPress easily

    1. Uploading a Word document using the Mammoth .docx converter application is very simple, just go to the input section and click on “Add new”.
    2. The first thing you should do is give the entry a name, provide the one you consider correct.
    3. At the bottom of the screen the plugin that we have previously downloaded should be located, as you can see the name Mammoth .docx converter will appear, click on it.
    4. Under the contextual menu that has appeared, click on “Select File” and find the document in Word format that you want to enter your blog.
    5. When you have properly uploaded the Word document, the plugin will show you the preview of the file. We recommend that you evaluate the entire document, to avoid mistakes.
    6. As you can see, you have three display options, the first of which is “Visual”, the second is “Raw HTML” Y “Messages”, the latter can be especially useful as it will display messages related to readability and errors present in the document.
    7. Once you are satisfied with the uploaded file, click on the option “Insert into Editor”. After this the document will begin to be uploaded, the duration of the process depends on the file extension.
    8. After the above procedure, the uploaded document will be displayed in the edit section of the post, evaluate it carefully and save it as a draft.
    9. We recommend seeing the draft of the entry, since this way you can evaluate errors or problems when uploading the document. In this sense, you can center titles and headings in WordPress as well as add all the links you want on your site.

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