How to Import Coordinates and Directions to Google Earth From Excel? (Example)

Google Earth is the best program if you want to find an address that is not near you. This has such a powerful engine that it even allows its users to add their own GPS coordinates to the existing map (you can even open or create maps with Google Earth). That is why Today you will learn to import coordinates and directions to Google Earth from Excel.

This application has been in use for years, getting better and better thanks to the power of Google. It is no exaggeration to say that it may be one of the most capable tracing programs out there, if the goal is to find something found on the surface of the planet. So logically you have to know more about him.

Step One: Use EarthPoint

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the process mattersr coordinates and directions to Google Earth from Excel, It is very simple, however it may take a little time, so you will need patience to achieve it.

To start you need to go to the browser of your choice and look for the website called EarthPoint from Excel at kml.

This is the one that will help you to return your Excel coordinates in a compatible file for Google Earth. However, for the page to read it, your saved Excel data must be in a txt or cvs format, and its arrangement within the document must be a specific one.

If you want to know how this is, you just have to download the example that appears on the same page which is named “”.

the earth from space

Once your file matches the sample, you just have to go back to the page and click on the option “Select File”, then choose your document and click on “To open”.

Then hit “See in Google Earth”, this will automatically cause the page to convert and download your file to a KML file extension, which will keep the same name as the original.

Second step: import coordinates and directions to Google Earth from Excel

Now that you have completed the previous step, you are closer to being able to import coordinates and addresses to Google Earth from Excel, so the next thing is to go to your Google application (if you do not have it, obviously you must download it).

When you are there, go to the top, and where the options are, click on “File“, And after that press”To open”In the drop-down that will appear.

With this action, a dialog box will open where you must search for your KML file (it is recommended to save it in a unique folder for it).

When you find it, select it and click on the button “To open”, This will cause the program to load your data (import it), and now reflect it on the map.

With this, the process will be over, so now you must give the option that is named “Keep“, So that your file remains in the directory and you can easily open it whenever you want, just by clicking.

Import data directly from a GPS device

If you followed the previous steps to the letter, you should already know how coordinates and addresses can be imported into Google Earth from Excel. But, in case you have any GPS deviceYou should know that there is also a way to transfer the data automatically.

google earth logo

For that, you have to connect said device to the computer where you have the program. Then within Google Earth, you have to go to “Tools”, and from there has “GPS”, in this section you will get a menu where you can choose compatible devices, if that is the case with yours, you just have to select it and then import.

And voila, with that the initial question is answered, so you only have to get down to work and start importing the files that you think are convenient in your program. Finally, you should know that you can also export a Google maps to PDF, Word or Excel and even capture or copy satellite images, so do not stay alone with this tutorial and search for more.

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