How to Import Data from Excel to OpenOffice Database (Example)

OpenOffice Base allows us to import data from other applications such as Microsoft Excel through OpenOffice Calc. If you want to carry out this task, we recommend reading this article with which you will learn How to import data from an Excel to an OpenOffice database

What is OpenOffice Base?

OpenOffice Base is a program created under free software in 2011. This tool is part of the OpenOffice office suite and is similar to Microsoft Access. OpenOffice Base allows database administration using HSQL and facilitates the creation of forms, tables and reports.

OpenOffice Base Features

One of the OpenOffice Base attributes are the view management wizards that novice users can use without any inconvenience. In addition, the application allows access to DBase files and import files in XML format.

Excel workbook

For advanced users, OpenOffice Base provides the necessary support for any other database through the JDBC and ODBC connectors.

How to import data from an Excel to an OpenOffice database

It is possible to import Excel data into an OpenOffice database from Windows regardless of whether the Excel document was created on Mac. You only need the Excel file, the “OpenOffice Calc” and “OpenOffice Base” applications. Follow each of the steps that we explain below.

Open the spreadsheet from OpenOffice Calc

As happens when converting an OpenOffice document to Microsoft Word, you can open an Excel spreadsheet in OpenOffice Calc. To do this, go to the icon that identifies the Excel file and press the secondary button of the mouse on it. Click on “Properties” and select the “Open with” option. Then, click on “Choose another application” and choose the “OpenOffice Calc” program. Press the “OK” button to view the file.

Import the data from the Excel file to the database in OpenOffice

Access OpenOffice Base by typing in the system browser “OpenOffice Base” and clicking on the application. In the wizard window select the option “Open an existing data file” and press the “Open” button. Locate the file and press the “Finish” button.

OpenOffice Excel

If you have not created the database, choose “create a new database” and press the “Next” button. Check the option “Register database” and “Open the database for editing.” Press “Finish”, choose the location of the file, assign a name for the database and press “Save”.

Activate the table area

Activates the table area for the database. To do this, go to the main screen and click the section “Tables”Located on the left side of the panel.

Use Excel file in OpenOffice database

In case you created the Excel file from Google Sheets, you need to share a spreadsheet. Otherwise, place your cursor on the name or label of the worksheet that contains the data you want to import (bottom of the sheet). Slide the cursor to bring the sheet to the OpenOffice Base table area.

Immediately, you will see a dialog box showing a target table name. Check the appropriate boxes according to the values ​​you will use and click “Next”. In a new window, choose the fields you want to import and press the arrow icon on the right to add them one by one.

Sets the type format

According to the fields you have selected, you must set the name of the field, the type, whether it requires input or not, and the length of the field. You can define the format for all fields automatically if you press “Auto”. Then, click on the “Create” button.

Create the primary key

OpenOffice Base will ask you if you want create a primary key. Press the “Yes” or “No” button according to the values ​​contained in the spreadsheet. In this way, the process of importing the data from an Excel to an OpenOffice database is completed. Finally, you can change the name of the spreadsheet if you want to clearly identify the source of the values ​​that you have included in OpenOffice Base.

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