How to Import Excel Files and Sheets to Google Docs step by step (Example)

It is possible that you are working or making a spreadsheet in Excel and that after you have it you want to pass it to Google Docs to have the backup. However, to be able to do this, a series of previous actions must be carried out before achieving it.

Passing data from Excel to Google can be useful to back up the files in Google Docs or Drive and have them at your fingertips. There are several ways to achieve this and in the following article we will explain two very simple ways of how to import Excel files and sheets into Google Docs step by step.

Import Excel files to Docs with a Google account

It seems logical to think that in order to import Excel files and sheets it is necessary to have a Google account; however, many people do not know the procedure to be able to carry out this action.

In addition to creating calendars, reminder notes and documents, and of course checking mail, With a Google account we can import and export documents. The advantages that Google Docs offers us is that we can easily and quickly create, modify and send any type of document.

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In the same way, we can import and export documents as necessary, to keep a work record, have a spreadsheet record and a long etcetera. Next we will explain the procedure to be able to import Excel sheets to Google Docs with a Google account.

Step 1

The first thing to do is go to the Google Docs website and access it with our Google account. To do this you must enter your Gmail email and password and click the Enter button to access.

Step 2

Once inside you must click on the upload button, which is located in the upper left corner of the web. There we will have to select the files option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Locate the file you want to import, select it and click the OK button. After that you will have to check the checkbox next to Convert presentations, graphics and spreadsheets corresponding to Google Docs formats.

Step 4

With the file selected, you will have to press the Start loading option for the document to start importing. After this process, you will have to click on the link Back to Google Docs and in this way we will return to the page where we can locate all the documents.

Step 5

You should look for the document in the list where all the files are. Then you must choose the link of the Excel sheet and that this way the file can be opened in another window. In this way you will have imported quickly and easily.

Import Excel sheets via Google Drive Sheets

This method is quite innovative and efficient, and in practice it is very simple. Spreadsheets are a tool that Google provides us allowing us to work online and without the need to install any program. This tool supports Excel versions 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.

By having the book “My Excel.xls book” we can have at hand all the information with which we can export a file to a spreadsheet in Google.

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The first thing to do is login to Gmail account entering our email and password. Next we will have to go to the Google applications option, located in the upper right corner of the screen and click on Drive.

We will have to select the new option and then click on the spreadsheets button. Once there we will have to go to the menu bar and click on file and then press open.

The next thing we will have to do is go to the menu and select the upload option, with which we can search for any file that we have on our computer that is compatible with the xls format. Then you will have to select the folder where the file is located to later select the excel workbook.

Once the file is loaded, we will have to press the open button and the file will be converted to a spreadsheet.

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