How to Import my Bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome?

Most web browsers have bookmarks, which are a tool that help the user, their function is to remember the pages or websites that you have visited frequently. This tool also known as “favorites” facilitates access to the pages you visit the most.

In turn, this tool is ideal for when you have a website that you do not want to lose and it is automatically saved when you visit a site. But the bookmarks are saved independently in the browser that you are. Therefore, if you change from Mozilla to Chrome, you will not have any records.

Similarly, it is important to note that there is a way to import all the bookmarks that you have saved to other browsers. Then you we will explain in detail what the procedure is.

Import bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome

If you frequently browse from Mozilla Firefox but you want to have all the bookmarks also registered when you browse from Chrome, you can do it easily and simply.

You must go to the browser from Mozilla, which is the browser from which you want to import the bookmarks. When you are there you must click on the lines that are in the upper right part of the window.

Next, a menu will open with a classification of options, you must select where it says “Markers” there you must click again on “Show all bookmarks”. Later another window appears where the option of “Import and backup” must be selected.

After completing these steps, you will see the option to export Mozilla Firefox bookmarks. At that moment a new Windows file explorer window will open, where you will indicate the path where you want to save the document.

Follow all the prompts again and click “Import bookmarks” in the window where the various options appear, which is better known as the catalog window. Once this procedure has been carried out, the bookmarks will be imported to the browser you are selecting, which in this case would be Chrome.

Import bookmarks, catalog

Once you are finishing, Google Chrome will ask you to confirm from which browser the bookmarks are being imported.

After following these steps, the “Windows file explorer” at that moment you must select the file that you saved previously.

Following all these indications you will be able to save the bookmarks from one browser to another and in this way you will have the websites of interest and the ones you frequent the most.

Find out how to save Firefox bookmarks to Google account

Save Chrome bookmarks, device screen

If it is possible to save the bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to the Google account, you just have to make sure to configure your account so that it stores all the data. It is an easy and simple procedure.

You must enter the Google Chrome browser and select the three dots that appear in the upper right part of the window. Select where it says “Setting” Once this step is done, various options will appear and you must select where it says “Google service and synchronization”.

Then you must select the services you want to be able to click on “Activate sync”.

Then enter Mozilla again, there you must log into your Google account, activate the synchronization of your account with the browser so that finally all the bookmarks that you have saved can be added.

It is a simple procedure, in this way you can configure the markers from Firefox to your Google account. It is important to understand all these procedures to be able to have all the favorites in any browser and in the Google account, so that you do not have to worry if you forget a website.

In short, you can change the browser but preserving always the bookmarks of your favorite sites. You just have to follow the instructions correctly and voila, you can configure your favorites so that you have the information you need available at all times.

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Finally we hope that this article has been of your help, however we would like to know, Were you able to import your bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome? Is there an easier way to pass the markers? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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