How to Import my Personal Information from Google Chrome to Opera [Ejemplo]

Your browser says a lot about you. In it you keep all the topics of your interest, as well as the tools that you use the most. If for any reason you want switch from Chrome to Opera you can do it without losing your information when importing the data.

Not only can you keep all your browser data and customize it, but you can also replicate all extensions in Opera what do you wear. You would get the same performance, but much faster.

Use Opera

Opera is a Google Chrome based browser, but over time it has developed its own functions. What makes it more attractive is the possibility of decrease resource consumption that Chrome usually consumes.

You can migrate all the personal data you have in Chrome (browsing history, cookies, passwords). Like you can continue using the same extensions.

Import data from Google Chrome to Opera

  • Download the Opera browser from its official page
  • Run the installer and start the installation
  • When the installation is finished open the application for the first time
  • Opera will detect Chrome or any other browser you have installed on your PC. Either Firefox, Edge or Safari
  • A window appears automatically where you can choose to import data from Chrome (or the browser of your choice)
  • You can choose to import your browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords and cookies
  • Press the import button and in a matter of minutes the magic will be done

Import my information from Opera settings

If you already have Opera installed on your PC, but for some reason you didn’t sync the first time, you still have the ability to replicate the data. It is only a matter of accessing the browser settings.

Transfer my information from Opera to Chrome

  • Open Opera on your pc
  • Click the button shaped like the browser icon. It’s at the top left of the screen
  • Choose Setting or use the hotkey Alt + P
  • With the course, scroll through the available options until you find the section of Synchronization
  • Select option Import bookmarks and settings
  • Choose the Chrome browser
  • Check the boxes of the Chrome settings you want to import
  • Press the button to import

If you consider yourself a more advanced user, you have the option to modify the options of password encryption. Access the advanced synchronization options and modify the password encryption options, so that they only synchronize with your credentials.

Import Chrome extensions to Opera

The migration would not be complete without the extensions that you usually use in your old browser. For this process it will be necessary install an extension in Opera.

  • Open Opera on your PC
  • Accede to Chrome Web Store. Search from the browser or access from the menu / Extensions / Get extensions
  • Find and install the extension Install Chrome Extensions
  • When you finish you will have a new icon next to the address bar

Copy extensions from Chrome to Opera

You can download any plugin Chrome browser. The procedure to install extensions will be the same as you usually use with Chrome.

The downside of using Install Chrome Extension is that you can only add the extensions one by one. When you finish you will have the exact mirror of Chrome in your new browser.

Create an Opera account

Once your browser is updated with your personal data, you can create an account in Opera. By creating an account you can sync multiple devices with your data and use the vpn.

Opera has versions for mobile devices with system Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It is even useful if you have other computers with different operating systems.

From the same Opera account you have access to your browsing data, favorite pages and Access data. You can even access extensions, but it will depend on the compatibility with the devices.

  • Open the browser on your PC
  • Click on the program icon
  • Select the Settings option
  • Find the Synchronization section
  • Place your access data (email and password)
  • Repeat this same procedure with all the devices you want to synchronize

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