How to Improve Mental Agility Using the Lumosity App – Mental Exercises

Currently mobile devices are a good tool to learn, in fact, there are many applications to learn languages, but we also have those to improve mental ability. Before this, we will show you how to improve mental alertness using the Lumosity app – Mind Exercises.

Improve your mental agility with Lumosity How do I use it?

Lumosity is an interesting application with which you can develop your cognitive abilities. In any case, you must first download it from the Play Store or the Apple App Store. After downloading it, it’s time to use it.

  • First, open the app, now you need to configure. To do this, click on the button “Let us begin”.
  • Carefully read the information displayed on the screen and click on “Next And then in” Starts”.
  • The application will ask you to select all those skills you want to practice. Select the ones you want to focus on. We have: memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, speed, and math skills. After selecting options, tap Next.
  • Now choose the method through which you will register, you can do it through Facebook, Google or through your email. After selecting the method, enter your date of birth. In addition to this, you are asked to enter your gender, educational level and your occupation.
  • Later you will do a diagnostic test through which will assess your ability. It is necessary that you pay special attention to the moment in which you do the tests, in order to obtain results close to reality.
  • After taking the first test, you will be able to play the different games of the application freely to try to obtain better scores than the previous ones.
lumosity website improve mental agility

Skills included within Lumosity

Lumosity is characterized by dividing the different tasks it has according to the aspects to be improved, which makes it one of the best educational and didactic games for children, at least to improve mental skills. Returning to the categories, they are indeed the ones we mentioned earlier. Either way, let’s talk a little more in depth about each of these categories / skills.

  • Memory: memory games will allow you to improve your memory skills, so that it will be much easier for you to remember things.
  • Attention: Detection games are one of the most demanding, and refer to various activities in which you have to be aware of many things. It is a way to develop multitasking qualities.
  • Problem resolution: logic is also present within Lumosity. With these activities, you will be able to develop your logical abilities, which helps to solve problems in the real world.
  • Mental speed: These activities seek to improve your abilities to process information quickly.
  • Mathematical capabilities: the field of arithmetic is also included within Lumosity. These tasks will help you to answer math problems as quickly as possible.
  • Flexibility: flexibility tasks seek to adapt the brain to new circumstances. It is a way of developing capabilities in new fields.

Does Lumosity really work to improve your mental ability?

There is a great debate with applications such as Lumosity and their capabilities to improve cognitive skills. This debate belongs more to the experts in the area of ​​mental development, although the views are mostly positive.

Apps like Lumosity can help develop logical skills and other aspects such as those mentioned before. Either way, the best way to efficiently develop your mental skills is by focusing on real-world tasks.

In other words, in addition to using apps like Lumosity, cultivate your mind in other ways. Mental skills are not everything, knowledge is also something you should focus on.

Indeed, do not detach yourself from the real world, because although Lumosity can help with some things, certain knowledge can only be acquired with practice. A clear example of this is learning to play guitar with your cell phone, which, although possible, will require a lot of practice in the real world.

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