How to improve the performance of my games on Android and achieve greater fluidity

Improve the performance of games on Android, is one of the things that intrigue many users, especially those who like to enjoy the wonderful world of games. These have held a very important position in the entertainment area, as there is an endless amount of games that work for various platforms.

Playing video games has never been so pleasant, as it is today, because the visual quality, waiting time, special effects and other features have been modified over time, to improve the experience of users, known today as ‘Gamers’, these are the first to test the games when they are released.

How to make the games run smoother on my Android cell phone?

Improving the performance of games on Android has never been as simple and important as it is today. Smart phones They have occupied the position of being one of the most used devices, or equipment in the world and, it goes without saying that they are extremely necessary, since everyone must necessarily have one.

Smartphones could be seen as frivolous and eccentric, but whether or not such a statement is true, it is undeniable that at some point they will come to be needed, if not all the time. From communicating to having fun, belong to the most important features that phones offer.

make games run smoother

To improve the performance of games on Android, you can try following a few simple steps such as: close all applications before using the game, or restart the phone to free up ‘RAM’ memory, if it does not work you can try going to each downloaded app and clearing the ‘CACHE’ memory of every one of them.

Likewise, you can try discarding junk applications, that is, uninstall ‘Android’ applications that you do not use, you can also try to use applications that help you manage your phone.

What parts of a phone are important for moving games well?

If you are a lover of phone games, there are several factors that you must take into account so that the games can work correctly on the device. Next we are going to mention three elements that are important to optimally move the games on the phone: The processor, the RAM and the GPU.


A good processor that is powerful and fast is essential for a game to move smoothly on mobile. This is because the processor is in charge of analyzing and studying the information that is generated in the device so that the applications can work quickly and do not remain frozen.

Among the best processors are: Qualcoom Snapdragon 888 5G, Apple A14, Samsung Exynos 2100, HiSilocon Kirin 9000 and MediaTek Dimensity 1200. These are processors that will allow a game installed on the computer to move well so that it does not present any failure.


RAM memory is essential so that a device does not get slow. This is because RAM is in charge of store program data that are being used, consequently, a phone with little RAM can not store the data in a specific way and when using an app to play the device it will become very slow.

It is important to bear in mind that, to download a game and not have problems, you must have Android 8.0 onwards and have at least 4GB of RAM.


It is clear that if you are playing it is essential to have good graphics on the screen. For this reason, to be able to consider a phone as the one indicated to download games app, the mobile must have a good graphic processing unit.

Why are the games locked on my cell phone?

If the games are crashing, that means that the mobile does not have enough capacity to guarantee the proper functioning of the app. It should be remembered that a game is an App that need a good memory so that the device can store and process your information. A phone with low memory will cause the games on your cell phone to get stuck and not work.

phone with good performance in games

What is the optimal configuration of my phone?

For your device to have an optimal configuration when playing what you should do is configure game-based syslog so that the phone is not overloaded. After that, you must take care of enabling the debugging applications registry and finally set the buffer size at 64 MB.

What application can help optimize games?

Another very good option to avoid errors when playing is to optimize the games through an application. When looking for an App that provides you with this service, there are many that will appear. However, it should be noted that there are few that work, that is why below we suggest the best application that can help you optimize the games: Gamers GLTool.

GLTool Gamers

Gamers GLTool is an app that will help you optimize games and is available on the Play Store for greater ease and accessibility. When installing and processing Gamers GLTool you must forget to make the changes and settings manually since the app is designed to make these changes and optimize the operation of the games.

What is the best game for Android devices?

Improve game performance On Android, activating the game mode, or carrying out any type of activity, are one of the characteristics that apparently will last over time. Games or ‘Videogames’ have emerged with the purpose of entertaining users, which is why they have existed for a long time.

No one could imagine a world without ‘Videogames’ and, is that it provides a number of pleasant sensations, for those who experience being part of one, either as a spectator or as a user. The number of games that exist is innumerable, we could take hours listing them and we would never finish doing it.

The competition that exists among the developers of ‘Softwares’ or ‘Videogames’, is so extreme that years have been spent in an uphill battle to determine which company or developer creates the best game. There are all types and for many platforms.

It is difficult to determine which are the best games, but the ones that have the most use could be named, by the ‘Gamers’ as for example: ‘Fortnite’, ‘Minecraft’ or ‘Call of dutty’These seem to be the most used by users of ‘Android’ devices.

Can games infect my Android phone with viruses?

Improving the performance of Android games and checking if they do not infect ‘Android’ devices is one of the fears that many users think about. It is indisputable to confirm that the world of the network is riddled with viruses.

improve game performance on android

A virus, in the world of technology and the internet, is a program that aims to disrupt the normal operation of computer equipment. We know its origin, because computers were its first target.

Nowadays, not only computers have become an easy target, but so are smartphones, especially the ‘Android’, through many files they can be transmitted, even through a game, but this can happen, only if you get them from an unofficial source.

For this, it is advisable to download them from the ‘Google Play Store’ application, or from the official page of the games you have selected or there are even pages to download Android games without viruses. You should also be cautious, because viruses can hide on any page, for that reason it is recommended to download an antivirus for Android.

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