How to Increase Indentation in Wordpress HTML Code in Simple Steps

WordPress being one of the most used tools to create blogs and web pages allows you to create content without the need for programming knowledge. However, knowing how to use HTML code to modify the text such as increasing the indentation or making the text bold can be helpful.

WordPress themes usually show all text left justified. Depending on the language it may be justified to the right. But if you want to make a change to your texts to make them different from the rest, you can add indents.

How to go about customizing indented paragraphs using HTML code?

It is important to clarify before starting that you can modify the indentation from the Toolbox of WordPress that is shown when editing a post or page. But it is a limited function because it does not allow to define the amount of space.

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You only require basic knowledge in HTML to perform this action and you do it in a matter of minutes. With everything clear now we can begin.

  • Log in in your WordPress account with your username and password.
  • Add a New Entry or enter one already created that you want to modify.
  • Write all the text of the entry.
  • Change the visual editor and place HTML to switch to HTML editing.
  • Locate the text

    In the code. Each tag

    represents the start of a paragraph in the text and the closing tag is .

  • Modify the tag as follows:

    . The value of 20px can be customized to your liking.

  • If you want to add an indentation to all the paragraphs you have to place this same line.Increase indentation by HTM code

This method is straightforward, but it can be cumbersome if you want to indent all paragraphs in all entries. In this case, it is best to directly edit the style sheet of the WordPress theme to do it by default for all texts.

Steps to indent using Wordpress CSS code

To add indentation to all the texts on the page, you have to modify the theme, specifically the style sheet. We will make use of the property text-indent to set the separation (the white space) between the border and the first line of the paragraph.

  • Click on the Appearance option from the Wordpress menu and then select the option Personalize.
  • Choose the option Additional CSS.
  • Write the following: p.ParagraphStart {text-indent: 25px; }.

This indicates that the paragraphs (element p) begin with a 25px indentation. It works as long as the StartParagraph attribute is included on the page to edit.

If you want to apply this style to a specific paragraph, just do the assignment at the beginning of the paragraph in the HTML code as follows:


How can I customize the paragraphs in Wordpress using HTML?

From the text mode of WordPress posts, there are multiple configuration options that you have to do in the content. You just need to know a little about HTML, which more than is considered a language of tag marking.

  • Add bold: use text tags to emphasize a piece of text. This tag can go inside a paragraph and the words are shown in bold.
  • Place italics: As simple as placing a text between these two labels .
  • Using the Span tag: The tag allows you to change a particle text within a paragraph. You can change the style, color and even the size of the text. You just have to place the opening tag before the text and place the attributes
  • Change the text size: change the font size within the opening paragraph tag.



Customize paragraphs in WordPress with HTML

Knowing all the HTML tags, you will not only be able to modify the text as you wish, but you will also be able to recognize each element and identify faults. When you become an advanced user you can directly edit the appearance of WordPress and get an authentic page.

Alternative methods to add indents to Wordpress

In addition to the above, there are other methods to add indents to Wordpress. These are generally implemented in the same application and sometimes go unnoticed.

Use the buttons in the visual editor

Indent buttons have been included for a long time some versions of Wordpress, with these you can assign indents to one or more paragraphs at the same time. Its symbol is that of a paragraph with an arrow looking to the left and another to the right. To use them we will simply have to select a paragraph and then click on one of these buttons.

Use a manual text editor

Editing the paragraph through the programming language is another valid option, however it is not the most popular if you decide to indent many places in the text. To apply it, you will first have to choose the section of code in document. This is usually called text, and it’s next to visual. Upon entering you will have to find the text and copy the command paragraph (

Indentation for the first line only

When we talk about indentation in the first line, we mean the indentation that we normally use in text editors like Word. In these, just by pressing the tab, we are left an indented space that covers only one line of text. However, this is not the case in Wordpress and to achieve this we will have to add a customization to the tools.

If we go to appearance and then to customize appearance, we can add a personal CSS rule. In this we will have to write the code p.custom.ident {indent-text}: Npx; } It should be noted that the ‘N’ must be changed by the number of spaces or pixels that we want our indentation to have.

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