How to Increase the Quality of the Webcam on my Windows PC

Web cameras are mostly integrated into the computer and comply with the image capture function and to be able to send it through the internet connection. It can also stream videos and can be viewed to the other person with whom you are connected if they have the camera active.

It should also be noted that webcams can have a variety of functions if they are adjusted to the indicated software. For that reason it is important to mention that there are a variety of software which have been designed to fulfill this function, among which are: ManyCam, CyberLink YouCam, Logitech among many more.

However! With this in mind, it should be noted that the PC webcam is part of one of the main PC components. therefore, it is of great relevance to improve its quality. And here we will help you to achieve it easily.

Easily improve PC webcam quality

First of all to be able set up the camera and to be able to obtain a better quality, you must follow some steps which we will explain below.

Initially they should go to start and look for the option of the camera, being located there you have to open the camera. Surely when you open it you will see a notice in which it says that camera not found, but you shouldn’t worry about it.

So you must enter the setting of the camera, then you have to click on video, then in the window you will see the option of video device, you have to click on the drop-down bar and select the USB camera mode.

black background video call before after

At the same time, it is advisable in video quality to move the bar until it is set to “high”, together in the upper right part of the screen where the camera is displayed is the resolution which must be set to the highest. So with these simple steps you can improve the quality of your computer’s webcam.

It should be noted that camera quality is a top priority for anything you want to do like use Skype for video calls or video conferencing. At the same time, it is important that when using it you are in the best possible resolution so that the image is the best.

Can the quality of my webcam be improved without configuring it?

On the webcam we can find multiple settings which allow us to modify some simple things, such as the light, the quality, and sometimes the resolution. Although this is not much, it is the only thing we can do to change the image quality of our webcam and that is why it is necessary to configure it to obtain a better result.

camera lens green background

Tips to improve the image quality of your camera from the PC?

To make the image quality of our camera have a better result, we need to thoroughly investigate the key points to keep in mind to get started to make the change, for this reason we have decided to leave you some ideas that you can consider to improve the camera of your PC.

Correct configuration

Since there are different cameras, the configurations and installations may also vary, most likely your camera is equipped with a USB cable port so with this we know that the camera is connected to the same port of the computer.

Then it should be clarified that if the device is found equipped with some additional power cord and this is plugged into a power outlet, this is how the Web camera will be installed, this means that after connecting the camera to the computer we can change its standard configuration.

Have better lighting

To obtain a better illumination to the camera, we can select in the configuration the option of (contrast ratio and brightness)In case you are not satisfied with the result, the best option would be to find a light that is one meter behind the camera so that we have excellent lighting.

illuminate screen camera blur

Adjust monitor resolution

Many times it happens that the resolution of our image is not the best and trying to upload it does not help much in what we seek to improve, there is a more specific method that works for many people, it is about reducing the resolution to sharpen the image, to do so go to (properties) and click on (screen resolution).

Choosing a good video chat

The best way not to fail with a bad photo and video camera is to choose it before you have it, that is why it is quite important select through recommendations or on the internet the one that you think most suits you according to the characteristics you are looking for, this will prevent you from needing to make any changes in it in the future.

Best programs to increase the image quality of a web cam in Windows

The internet today offers us multiple aids that suit our needs, so today we will help you with some recommendations that will serve you when it comes to increase the image quality of your Windows Web cam.

This program is highly recommended by users since it offers people multiple functionsAs interesting and even fun effects, it also has a variety of quite useful accessories for the webcam.


This program works in a virtual way, that is, it has quite a few functions that can help us with the quality of our image and its effects can seem quite funny and we can also clone the videos.


YawCam is highly recommended and has a function quite different from the others, with this program we can create a video since we can capture images and thus create a sequence In the end, image quality will always give its best.

Debut video Capture Software

This option, in addition to being quite good, offers us multiple functions, such as record full computer screen Even recording video clips, the image quality can be configured once we are inside.

mail camera software

Logitech: Best Alternative to Improve Webcam Image on Windows

Initially it is important to note that if you have a logitech camera its settings are reset when you restart the computer. For this reason, it is important to download the Logitech software.

Later, having it installed on the computer, you can open it and find the main panel. So next you have to go to the right panel to select camera, the resolution must be adjusted to the highest or full HD, and in the video icon you must select 30 FPS.

So if you make these adjustments you will find a better quality of the camera which you have to save. What’s more if you have an OBS it is important that you open the camera first and make the settings and then open the OBS. Once you have it open, another series of adjustments can be made to ensure that the image provides a better quality.

By having the program open you can adjust the resolution which can be 1080 if you have a Logitech camera. Taking into account that the resolution can be adjusted depending on the type of camera that the computer has.

purple background keyboard screen

In the same way you can adjust lightingas many users do not have artificial lighting but want the camera to display the best possible image quality.

For this, you have to select the option “video capture device” in the lower menu to later select the filter. So in the next panel you must select the LUT filter.

Together you can adjust the color correction, then a new window opens where you can make the adjustments in a personal way, among the corrections is the range and luminosity. Ultimately, by following this series of steps, you can get better quality on your webcam from the Windows computer.

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