How to Insert a Link, Link or Hyperlink in a Prezi Presentation (Examples)

Prezi is an alternative platform to develop presentations through rear projection, this means that performs a job similar to that of already recognized PowerPoint. However, this tool has much more advanced design and customization elements.

The program originated in Hungary (2007), when Adam Somlai-Fischer (architect) and Peter Halacsy (professor of technology and economics) decided to create Prezi. The main reason is related to Adam’s need to make presentations of each of his works; using rear projection in which you could perform “zoom” to each of the structures so that they were appreciated in detail.

The prototype was so successful that for the next two years it had a headquarters in the country of origin and another in San Francisco, United States. Prezi has a wide range of tools available that make it the program of first choice among users of the medium, with which you can make a professional presentation from scratch

How to insert a link, link or hyperlink in a presentation in Prezi?

Insert link in Prezi

Some of the relevant aspects of Prezi have to do with the kinds of services it can provide. Initially the author has a kind of canvas or screen in which he can create shapes and structures to your liking, enlarge them to observe their design and all this without having to go from one page or template to another.

Of course, it also has a group of templates that can be edited in case the user prefers something more casual. Other qualities that should be noted are the special effects and variety of colors that can be used in a presentation page or in all according to your tastes.

However. Prezi has a tool that is quite new and is the option for insert a link, link or hyperlink. This option is quite useful for those people who need to share some type of information that is contained in another platform or web page.

Steps to insert a link, link or hyperlink in a presentation in Prezi

Insert links in prezi.

A link or link is a means that we can use to be redirected to a certain information space. This option is quite common on websites and social networks. However, in PowerPoint presentations it can be highly relevant.

To have a clear idea of ​​in which case we can insert a link, we will consider the following example: a teacher who shares an educational presentation with his students and summarizes content about a topic, inviting them to know in detail all the information of the same clicking on the link. In this way you will be redirected to the website that has been inserted as a hyperlink.

If you want to learn how to insert a link in your presentation in Prezi you can follow the following process, where it will be explained in detail:

  • Enter Prezi and make your presentation. Later go to the exact section of the topic where you want to insert the link, link or hyperlink.
  • Once you are located, drag with the mouse or mouse to create a text box.
  • Now enter the URL of the link or link. You must bear in mind that it must be written correctly, that is, it must start with the input code: https: //. For example:
  • After inserting it you will have to make sure that the address works properly, click on the link and see if you are redirected to the correct location. (You must have an internet connection at the time of entering).

Prezi does not limit the amount of link or links that you can use in your presentation, feel free to add the ones you consider necessary.

Other New Tools in Prezi

Prezi is a free tool that lets you allows you to create animated presentations using as storage source “Cloud”. In other words, it does not take up space on your computer, you can make use of hundreds of templates available on the platform.

Create moving images that you can enlarge using the zoom tool, also add color to each of the elements in your presentation. You can use the available figures or create your own drawings.

Finally, it can be deduced that the Prezi platform has an excellent interface for creating presentations, in which you can apply different effects, images, among others. Achieving a professional touch to each creation.

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