How to Insert an Audio or Music File into a Word Document

Does it happen to you that you listen to Word and only think about creating and editing documents from your cell phone or PC? Word has useful tools and easy to use. There are tools that are not so obvious, but that only requires following a step by step to achieve it, for example, Insert audio in Word.

Well yes, in Word you can insert an audio fileeven if the audio is coming from your mobile device. Don’t be surprised, you are not the only one who may not have used this practical and easy-to-use tool.

Now you will not only be able to insert multiple images into a Word document, but it is also possible to insert an audio file into them before sending it to others. can see and hear the same time what you want to convey. Do not hesitate, go ahead and follow the steps of how to do it in the guide that will be given below.

Before you begin, we recommend that you update Microsoft Office 2016 to the latest version so that you can complete the tutorial quickly and easily.

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Information to consider when trying to insert audio in Word

Remember that the Word program was designed as a resource for to create professional documents, with tools that make it easier for us to handle them. For this reason, it is vital to familiarize yourself with each one of them and achieve the efficient and full use of Word, for any type of work.

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Important: make sure to activate Microsoft Office on your PC, specifically Word, why should you do it ?, so that you can execute the following steps without mishap. How can you do it? You must open Word, click on the “File” tab, click on the “Account” tab and you can immediately see if you have Word active.

Steps to insert an audio into a Word document

Next, we will explain in simple steps, how to insert into your Word document, a music from your PC, in order to personalize your document.

  1. When you have Word open to make a document, click on the “Insert” tab, then click on the “Object” option. To better identify it, this is next to “Text Box”, place the mouse cursor over the white box and it will say “Object”.
  2. When the box opens, you will select where it says “Create from file” or “Create from file” as it appears. Press “Browse”, and immediately the options that you have on your computer, folders, documents, among other things, will open.
  3. You should search through the folders for the audio or recording location, of your preference or the one requested in your document.
  4. Select the audio option you want, after clicking on “Insert” or Open “as it appears, in this option you will see two boxes. If you click on “link the file” it will be presented as a link and when you go to open it you will have to double click.
  5. If you press the option “show as icon” you can change the presentation icon at any time, and it will be shown with the icon you have chosen. There are only three icons available, this way already you will have your document with audio ready, to send via email.

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How many audios can be inserted into a Word document?

Actually, you can use the ones you want, you must take into account that they will be played individually, that is, clicking them one by one to listen to them. However, it is an excellent option when writing your document and insert audios at the same time, a combination that makes your document unique.

Benefits of using this tool in our jobs

How does this practical aspect of Word benefit you? Well then, we will give you good reasons why, to put this into practice didactic feature of Microsoft Word application.

  • The practicality of these options: their easy access, we can have complete content organized combining writing with audio and making the document more efficient.
  • It allows you to modify with just a few clicks, and completely redesign without any problem, and visualize everything before finalizing it.
  • Whatever version of Word you have, you have this useful tool. We can assure you that once you start putting into practice the advice given in this simple guide, you will not hesitate to use it. And with procedures that have always been at your fingertips.

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