How to Insert, Crop and Edit Images in Documents in Google Docs? (Example)

To edit images in documents in Google Docs you do not need to be an expert or a great connoisseur of office automation systems. It is only necessary to be a great observer in the toolbar of the online program.

It is very important to know that Google Docs is a system very similar to worksheets in Microsoft Word, so its interface is simple and quite intuitive. In addition, it offers its services for free. From Google Docs you can create spreadsheets, presentations and documents without having to install a program.

In the case of this support, it provides a series of advanced integrated applications or functions such as sharing with others in one step or storage with a cloud. All procedures are generated and developed online.

Google Docs Utility

The platform Google drive offers several worksheets such as Word, Excel or storage of various multimedia files such as videos and photos. In the case of generating a .Doc document, the ideal is to press the first position of the toolbar at startup.

This meets all customer expectations, since it has more advanced concealers, underlines, changes of fonts, sizes and their appearance. Although the vast majority are included from the factory.

In addition to the traditional, the download or annex of photos, figures and common algorithms in the document made is also allowed.

Step-by-step guide to edit images in documents in Google Docs

The tool for editing images in documents in Google Docs is one of the most important for the use of graphic values, so it is included by default. To use it, it is ideal to follow the following steps:

google drive docs

Open the application and a Docs worksheet

The first step is to open the general platform called Google Drive from the email or search engine of our choice. Once inside, wait for it to load the profile and all the files.

To open a new worksheet, select the button “New”, it will display a list of documents. In the case of .docs, the ideal is to click on “Google Document”.

Insert graphic materials

After having done everything pertinent to the writing, the place where the image will go will be evaluated. The incorporation process can be by dragging the format on the worksheet.

In Google Docs you can make all the pertinent adjustments so that your work or document has the best possible presentation. For example, in this program you have tools that also allow you to adjust the margins and borders.

But, it can also be by right-clicking and selecting “Copy”, then place the cursor over the area to click the right mouse button and choose the option “Paste”. Also, you can include a photo through the URL or selection of images saved within the same Cloud Drive.

Edit images in documents in Google Docs

Once the photograph has been added, it should be known that some modifications can be made such as changes in tones, size or appearance. The specifications are generic, that is, they are not professional.

To make any changes, it is necessary keep image selected. If it wants to change its size, the user must retract or increase the measurement in the corners and lateral areas with the cursor.

image edit google docs

In case you want to apply more changes or filters, the ideal is to locate a button on the right side of the platform called “Image options”. The option will allow you to apply colors or modify your filter within the reach of one click.

As well as how you can edit it safely, you will be interested to know that you can save images from Google Docs documents.

Along with this value, you can also define the transparency of the photo, contrast and brightness of the same. The ideal is to play with all these values ​​until reaching the measurement that the user expects. In case of returning the image to its original state, it will only be necessary to press the button called “Restore”, it’s located on the top toolbar.

Google docs offers you many tools for creating documents. Thanks to this Google service, create forms and even insert images in forms.

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