How to Insert Social Media Banners and Labels to a Video with Filmora 9

Learning to use technological tools is something of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to social networks. Not everything is ingenuity and creativity, but also knowledge.

In this sense, audiovisual content is something frequently shared on platforms to interact with other people. That is why you should know how to insert social media banners and labels to a video with Filmora 9.

If you don’t know what Filmora is, don’t worry. Throughout this article you will have all the necessary information to know this amazing program. When you finish reading this article, you will be sure why you should use Filmora to edit your videos. Do you think if we start?

What is Filmora 9?

If you are looking for an editor for your videos, Filmora is one that you are sure to love. This program is available for computers with Windows and MAC operating systems. Its main attraction, of course, lies in the extensive tools it offers for video editing.

video editor program

Apart from this, it is excellent to prevent your videos from losing quality. Thanks to Filmora 9, it will be possible to save videos with HD or 4K quality.

How to get it?

Before inserting banners and social media labels to a video, you of course need to download and install Filmora 9. In this regard, it is important to note that this software has two versions.

The free version offers only a part of its tools and functions, a limitation that bothers many people. Especially since, when saving a video, it will have the watermark of the program.

The Premium versionOn the other hand, it offers all of its tools and functions. It has features that greatly benefit the user. Among them, of course, is to export and save videos without the watermark.

Regardless of which version of Filmora 9 you want to get, downloading the program is possible from its official website. The installation process is extremely simple. Another important aspect is that you can try the free version and, later, activate the Filmora program.

Insert elements in your videos

With Filmora 9 it is not only possible to insert banners and social media labels into a video. The extraordinary tools of this program also allow you to add text to a video, among many other things.

Not to mention the effects and filters! One that has become very fashionable lately is the Glitch transition effect. This effect can be applied both to the video and to some text that you add.

Social media banners and labels

Inserting social media banners and labels to a video with Filmora 9 is pretty straightforward. Don’t despair if, for some reason, you find it difficult on the first try. With practice you will master it perfectly. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Open your video in Filmora 9.
  2. Go to the timeline where you want to insert the banner or label.
  3. Click on the option “Titles”.
  4. Select the style of the text you want to insert.
  5. Drag the title onto the video timeline.
  6. Double click on the title that should appear as “Intro 1”.
  7. Edit the style, animation and content of the text. In this case, it would be your account on a social network.
  8. Click on “Advanced”.
  9. The title will occupy the entire screen for video. To erase the background, click “Preset Video” and then click on the trash can icon.
  10. Defines the location of the title.
  11. Now add the banner of the social network by clicking on “Add image”, right next to the trash can icon.
  12. Select a banner that you have previously downloaded to your computer.
  13. Adjusts the aspect ratio of the image.
  14. Go to the “Animation” tab, to define the banner transition effect.
  15. Click on “OK.”

add banner social network

How is it?

After these numerous but simple steps, it only remains to test how the banner or label has been in your video. If you like it, you are ready then for share it on social media. Do it with quality and simplicity … do it with Filmora 9!

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