How to Insert Videos in Images or Product Sheets or Prestashop Modules

In this article we will show you the procedures you must perform to insert either from images, tabs and videos in prestashop modules. But before explaining this process to you, first we are going to show you the concept of said application

What is Prestashop?

First of all, prestahop is a platform whose utility is to make shopping cart for free which allows companies to create and control their own online store in a clear way.

Its objective is to be a leading application in the online store sector, said application has more than 310 functionalities so that the use of the system is compact and robust In this way, its application and creation of online stores can be beneficial for companies due to the wide variety of functions that said platform has.

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In this application it will be possible to manage copyright and manage your catalogIn this way, the system will allow you to manage your list in a dynamic way through the prestashop administration.

How to insert videos?

To be able to insert a video or image of your product is simple, it should be mentioned that Prestashop does not have the integrated option but it is possible to insert the different links through modules in a very accurate and easy. Follow the next steps:

  1. If you want to start the process of inserting a video we have to download a special module for this process, it is called Pop-up Demo Video, since as previously explained, Prestashop does not have this option integrated into its system.
  2. After having the respective module, you must insert the corresponding Your product ID, this ID can be found quickly since it is in the catalogs and products path in said list, it will be possible to easily see the list of the different products in an ordered way, the ID of the same is in the first column which will be defined in numbers.
  3. The next step after you detect the ID of the corresponding product you must select the type of video either Youtube, vimeo and instagram after choosing the video of our preference we will proceed to insert the corresponding url of the respective video already selected.
  4. When we proceed to save the executed changes we will see or witness that the module in question will not allow to continue adding more videos.
  5. To add an image of our product we must click on where it says add files then we must select an image, the system allows you to choose more than one clearly with the characteristics that prestashop establishes.
  6. In the same way, the system offers you the product file, which is one of the most important steps in order to have a highly competitive virtual store, it must be carried out in the most compact and precise way possible, since through said file It is where customers will see the product in detail from its image to its price.
  7. That is why the fundamental objective of a token is to convince customers potentials that our product is what they need in order to meet their needs.
  • To prepare the file you will have to do the following:

Product name This name must be very descriptive since the more the better so the client will have a broad idea of ​​what he is seeing and what he wants.

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Short description This section is made for those people who are impulsive, this effective description must include three characteristics or essential elements, be it a benefit, the usefulness of the product, and another factor that helps in attracting customers.

Long description This section is paradise for all those people who are creative for this corresponding description there are no writing limits, therefore the more creative and original the writing of your product is, the more customers will be able to reach your section. In this way, the preparation of the corresponding file is important since through it we will give a clear image to the product.

After designing your shopping cart on the Prestashop platform, you will be able to share the link of your page on the most popular Social Networks to make it known.

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