How to Install and Configure Ok Google on My Android Device Easily (Example)

The giant Google offers us, as we all know, a large number of tools and services that simply simplify our day to day. But unfortunately many people who use mobile phones that run on the Android operating system do not know how to use it.

And we will see that this voice assistant can be used without problem on these devices. This is why we will show you in this tutorial how to install and configure Ok Google on my Android device easily.

This is a function that has become fashionable in different mobile devices and each one presents a version according to its operating system. In the case of Android smartphones, the Google assistant is used, which can be used by the different versions of this operating system up to 5.0 Lollipop.

Voice assistants, and especially Ok Google, allow a certain task to be carried out through voice commands. And one of its most practical features is that it allows it to be used without having to touch the mobile. So if you want to make use of this fantastic tool we will help you to install and configure Ok Google on my Android device easily.

How to install and configure Ok Google on my Android device easily

But in order to make use of the function Ok google it is necessary that after installing it on your mobile device you must activate it. Thus, it will only be necessary for you to do what you want through voice commands. Be it a specific task, such as playing music, tuning in to your favorite radio station, searching for an address on your road navigator, among many other things.

install ok google android

Remember that to use this assistant, even with the phone locked you must say the magic word to activate it and it will be the voice command Ok Google. So so that you can learn the steps you must take to install and configure Ok Google on your Android device. So we invite you to continue reading this tutorial and put the following steps into practice.

Steps to install and configure Ok Google on Android devices

As it is a function that the Google search engine brings you, you should not do any additional installation, you just have to check that Google is updated to its latest version. And to do this, we are only going to go to the home screen of our mobile and click on the Play Store icon to access the Google virtual store.

The next step is to place it in the Google search engine and once the search is done select it. Now, if the Update option appears next to the application, we must click on it and the update will begin. In the event that this option does not appear, this means that you have the latest version of the application and you can use the Google assistant.

Now the next step will consist of activate Ok Google function on your smartphone and for this we will enter the Google application. And we will go to the upper right corner, where we will find the three-point icon. We will press there so that the menu is displayed on the screen and we will select the Settings option.

Next we select the Voice option and then Voice Match, now on the next screen we will find two switches. The first activates the Ok Google voice command, then you must press it to activate it. The second switch activates the function that allows you to use the voice command to unlock the mobile, if you want to activate this function you must press the Voice Match switch.

activate mobile ok google

Now you just have to follow the instructions of the wizard that will ask you to say the command three times Ok google, this to be able to recognize your voice. The assistant will also ask if you want to unlock the mobile with the Ok Google command. You will also be shown a warning message indicating that there are other unlocking methods.

And voila, you have already configured the Ok Google voice assistant and it will only wait for you to make your request to fulfill the order. Remember also that it is possible that there is an error but that is the subject of another article. And that’s how easy you have learned how to install and configure Ok Google on my Android device easily.

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