How to Install and Configure the WordPress ‘TinyMCE’ Plugin

When creating content on web pages, it is necessary to have the most advanced text editing tools within reach. The success of having a large number of visits to our website will depend a lot on how attractive your content is presented.

If you use WordPress You will know very well how to use the classic editor, but now there is a newer alternative, the Tinymce plugin. This tool brings with it a variety of buttons and options to enhance your content and give it more creativity and professionalism.

Surely, you already want to know first-hand how to use it, so here we will teach you how to download, install and configure the tinymce plugin let us begin!

tinymce editor menu

Unused Bottons-Unused Buttons

In this section of unused buttons you can search as you edit a page or post, which one you want to add. For example, some options that you have are: Underline, Justify, Paste, Copy, Source Code, Page Break, Full Screen.

You just have to drag the desired button and drop it in the editor menu that is above this section and then save changes.

Options- Options

As you go down in the settings, you will see that you get a section of more options, which you only have to select with a check. The first choice is to add style to the lists and mostly this option is added by default when installing the plugins.

Also featured “Context Menu“, an option that consists in that when creating a text, when you right-click, a small menu appears. To add this option, just click on the small box and a check appears, save the changes and that’s it.

Besides this, it has another interesting option called “Font sizes” or what is equal to font sizes, in Spanish. On the other hand, other Advanced Options, They are also selected by placing a check in the box next to them.

Well, you have already seen that downloading, installing and configuring the Tinymce plugin to edit texts in WordPress is simple. However, for your content to have more impact and more visitorsYou can also learn how to upload a video in WordPress.

If you put into action what we mentioned in this article, for sure, you will exploit your most creative side when creating a web page.

How the TinyMCE editor works

This is an HTML text editor available on the Google platform. However, this is not default on the device. We could say that this editor is very similar to a notepad, so it is quite simple and easy for users to use. It should be noted that this is open source, so it works completely for applications such as JavaScript. It is also distributed free of charge through a special license. This plugin is totally independent, however it is installed directly in the internet browser of our preferences.

With this you will be able to convert a common text at the behest of the creator.. It is available for most of the available browsers like Google, Mozilla, Internet explorer, Safari and Opera. In short, it serves as a fairly simple and easily accessible web editor. In addition, in terms of languages, it is quite complete, since it has around 105 available languages, so this will facilitate your work since it is not necessary to translate the text constantly. This plugin makes the process of editing easier as it can do so much faster. Also, believe it or not, it is a much more commercial program, because it is more flexible and can be attached to any editing tool.

showing tinymce menu with its options

How to download and install the TinyMCE plugin

Taking a look through the Tinymce website we can see that this resource is extremely complete. And that helps to edit texts of different characteristics, from the simplest to those that are considered more complex.

To start getting this plugin, in the first instance, we must download, install and activate it, and this is done as follows:

  • You have to go to the WordPress home page and there you will look in the options that you have on the left side for the word “Plugins”.
  • After this, three options will appear and you will choose the one that says “Add new“.
  • And in the search engine you are going to write “TinyMCE Advanced“.
  • Then many results will be displayed, choose the first one that matches the title and click on “Install Now“. After it is installed you click on”Activate Plugin“and voila it will be in your collection.

How to use TinyMCE Advanced

This editor is the most used by large companies like WordPress and Drupal. It has functions that go from cutting, copying, pasting, and searching for texts. Even options that allow you to insert objects, images, tables and links. In the same way, you can edit the text by using bold, underlining, changing the size and type of fonts. And not only that, but from this editor you can create classic default blocks. Always, the exported code is HTML, which allows us to use the content almost universally.

Installed the plugins you will be able to access the editor and its functionalities in a faster way. In addition, with it, you can add links that will direct you to other sites, which allows your article, in addition to being much more interactive, to be more complete and nutritious for users. And not only that, but you can export functionalities to other WP installations. Definitely installing TinyMCE Advanced is one of the best decisions you can make, in addition to making your editing much easier, it will allow you to have at your disposal many more tools available.

TinyMCE plugin configuration

Well, now that we have our Tinymce text editing plugin installed, we are going to learn how to configure it to get the most out of it. At the moment, by default, some settings automatically upon activation, such as changes to the menu, button sizes and fonts.

However, we can make more adjustments to suit our needs when creating a new post or blog. And to do this you have to go to the section plugins> installed plugins and then search for our Tinymce plugin.

Once you have located them, you must click where it says “Settings“which translated into Spanish is settings. And a page will open where you can see that there are many more functions or buttons to add to the editor menu.

Customizing TinyMCE

First this plugins will add new functions when editing. For example, in WordPress when creating a new post you will be able to show the many functions available to edit your text. And if you still want more features to appear, you head to the settings section and then click on the TinyMCE Advanced tab. From this new window you will have at your disposal a series of buttons. These same buttons will serve you to add functionalities. For example, there is one called font family, with which you can change the typography of your text to apply it, you must drag it with the left click and place it on the side of the bar of your preference. In order to have it more at your fingertips. And to change the size you select the one called font size. There are also buttons to add the date and time, plus you can change the name and customize the bar to your liking.

Notably these functions depend on the type of editing you are going to performWith this plugin, you can adapt it to your needs and have the buttons you need with just one click and at a glance. This in one way or another will allow your editing to be much easier.

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