How to Install and Synchronize my Google Drive Documents with Ubuntu (Example)

Today we are going to see how to install and sync my Google Drive documents with Ubuntu in a simple way thanks to Grive, an interesting alternative which is not official, since from Google there is still no version of Drive for Linux.

Google Drive is a fairly complete cloud storage service that allows us to view and access files without an Internet connection and with which we are sure that our files are safely protected and that we can recover permanently deleted files.

In Windows it is considerably easy to install, sync my documents or sync only some folders, likewise the configure Google Drive. Although in Ubuntu we must do some previous things before starting with the synchronization in the cloud.

Don’t worry though, this is pretty easy to do. We are going to see step by step everything that we must do a little below so that you can synchronize Google Drive in Ubuntu. You will learn to install Grive and in this way you will have all your documents safe in the cloud.

The tutorial is suitable for any kind of user whether they have basic or advanced knowledge. Since we are going step by step explaining in detail everything you must do to make Google Drive work in Ubuntu, it is something quite simple.

What we should mention is that even though Grive has many functions of the official client, is a little more limited than its version for Windows. However, it works quite well for syncing files.

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How to install and sync Google Drive in Ubuntu

  • What we need to do is download Grive as a DEB package or we can do it through PPA. In order to do this we will have to open a terminal and execute the following commands: “sudo apt-add-repository ppa: nilarimogard / webupd8 “,” sudo apt-get update “,” sudo apt-get install grive“, each of them without quotes.
  • In this way we will be able to install Drive in the operating system from the terminal. If you want to see a list of the commands and modifiers that you can use, you must type the command “grive -help”.
  • What we will have to do now is navigate to the directory where we want to find all the files that we are going to synchronize with Google Drive.
  • After this we will have to authenticate the Google account to be able to use the program normally, for this we will use the command: “grive -a
  • This generated a unique link in the same terminal which you can press and the web page will open. has a 40-digit code.
  • This code is the one that you must enter in the terminal so that Google Drive begins to upload the documents that are in the folder that you specified previously to its servers.
  • After authenticating the account and uploading all the files (something that you will have to do only once) you will be able to synchronize your Google Drive account with the command: “grive sync”.

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How to download and install Google Drive on Ubuntu

Here you will have to wait for the synchronization to finish which, depending on the number of files, may take a little while, so you should be patient at this point.

This way you will be able to synchronize all the Google Drive files in Ubuntu. In turn, you must bear in mind that Grive is not official and it is in development so it may contain some errors, although generally nothing happens and it works very well, but it is something that we must mention.

As you can see, it is very easy to learn how to install and sync my Google Drive documents with Ubuntu. In just a few steps you will have everything in the cloud safely and reliably. Likewise, if you still have any kind of doubt, you can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little further down.

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