How to Install Different Wallpapers or Screensavers on my Amazon Kindle for Free (Example)

It is very easy for everyone to know how a Kindle from the Amazon store works; These devices have been growing in popularity and demand globally. They were initially made to read e-books. But we can also incorporate something more fun, that is why we will tell you how to install backgrounds or screensavers on your Amazon Kindle and free.

Their electronic books are optimal (light, wide and flat screen, the size of a conventional book), for that reason the first devices are of the e-book type, although the models from the Fire are tablets.

How much does an Amazon Kindle cost and how many books can it store?

There are many Amazon Kindle models, but to get an idea, we can say that the Kindle Fire HD 8 costs approximately € 99.99, not including shipping costs or taxes; additionally there is also a monthly plan called Kindle Unlimited for € 9.99 to download and read all the books you want from its catalog.

set kindle screen

The amount of books that you can store in an Amazon Kindle is very difficult to determine, since its capacity varies according to the model, and it cannot be extended, because they do not have external Micro SD memory slots; However, using the example of the Kindle Paperwhite model that brings 8GB of memory, you can have about 6,000 books stored on average.

Differences between Amazon Kindle e-books and Kindle Fire tablets

The main difference between an Amazon Kindle e-book with respect to more recent model tablets such as the Fire or Fire HD, basically is that they use electronic ink screens (E-Ink), in addition to having external lights for easy reading; Kindle Fire tablet models onwards have capacitive LCD screens using electrical sensors.

The operating system for Kindle e-book devices is Linux, Kindle Fire and HD versions are based on Android but with certain modifications; In both cases, the options available to users are limited to buying, storing and reading e-books, excluding tools and settings that are very common in other OSs.

For example, something as simple as wanting to install a background or a screensaver on an Android device; different from those that come from the factory, it cannot be done in the same way, as we would do it in Windows or Android; however there is an alternative way to personalize our Amazon Kindle, in a completely free way.

How can I install wallpapers or screensavers on my Amazon Kindle for free?

There is an application called “Amazon Fire Tollbox” made for Windows and that will allow you to install the wallpaper that you like the most on your Amazon Kindle, as well as many other things, as long as your model is within the following compatibility list:

  • Amazon Fire 8/8 + (2020).
  • Amazon Fire 10 (2019).
  • Amazon Fire 7 (2019).
  • Amazon Fire 8 (2018).
  • Amazon Fire 10 (2017).
  • Amazon Fire 8 (2017).
  • Amazon Fire 7 (2017).
  • Amazon Fire HD8 (2016).
  • Amazon Fire HD10 (2015).
  • Amazon Fire HD8 (2015).
  • Amazon Fire HD7 (2015).
  • Amazon Fire HD7 (2014).
  • Amazon Fire HD6 (2014).

Amazon Fire Tollbox is a tool developed for free, to solve the discomfort of many Kindle users who do not have the configuration options present in other Android devices.

set kindle screen

After downloading and installing the .exe file in Windows, we must activate USB debugging to use the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands on our Kindle Fire, through the Amazon Fire Tollbox interface.

So both devices can communicate and you will have control of the tablet; since the command lines are executed from the different buttons of the program.

We go to “Settings> Device options> About the Fire tablet” and press several times on “Build number”, we go back and now the option “Options for developers” will appear, we enter and slide the buttons “Activated” and “Debugging by USB “; after this you will connect the USB cable.

A window will appear with the RSA key of the Windows computer, you try to give it its due access, then check the box that says “Always allow from this computer” and click “OK”.

Now what you now have free access to your Kindle Fire, You can change the wallpaper in the “Lockscreen Wallpaper” option of the Amazon Fire Tollbox.

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