How to install Popcorn Time on Ubuntu

The Popcorn Time revolution does not stop, in recent days much has been said about him and even the great Kim Dotcom has mentioned that he is a revolutionary service, ready to end the high places.

A few days after its launch, its creators decided to abandon the project, but today there are already some entrepreneurs who have taken over and will keep the best option for watch high-quality movies and in streaming. I would like to remind you that the program is available for Windows and Linux, today I want to show lovers of free software how to install it on Ubuntu.

Popcorn Time

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It is quite simple, we open the terminal and we introduce the following commands.

  • CD
  • wget
  • chmod + x popcorn-build
  • ./popcorn-build

Each of the lines is a command and must be entered in an orderly manner. The last line is the one that will open Popcorn Time and you should go accepting the dialogues that will come out.

It may at some point give you the feeling that the installation does not progress But don’t worry, it will do it quickly. Once installed, you can access the application from the console with the command Popcorn-time or in the category Others from the menu. It is a very simple way to install Popcorn Time on Ubuntu. Have you had any problem carrying it out?


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