How to install Windows 11 if you don’t have a TPM chip

We all want to install and try Windows 11 now. But checking the minimum Windows 11 requirements that Microsoft requires to be able to install it, it is possible that you do not meet any of them. The surprise with the requirements is the TPM chip: it must be at least 2.0. If you see that your PC does not comply with this, we are going to teach you a trick to install windows 11 without tpm chip. TPM 1.2 chips are supported as well, although Microsoft has not said so.

The TPM chip is responsible for storing passwords, DRM systems, disk encryption, biometric data; in short, everything that has to do with the security and protection of the PC. No one cared about this chip because it’s one of the things that we assume is pre-configured, but it turns out that this now needs to be addressed, so let’s get started.

Installing Windows 11 without TPM is possible

install windows 11 if you don't have tpm chip regedit

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To install Windows 11 without TPM chip you must create a key in the windows registry, so that the system check is skipped. The steps are:

  • Press the Windows + R keys, and type “regedit” to enter the Windows registry.
  • Find the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMSetup.
  • You are going to create a new key called «LabConfig» with two «DWORDs», one called «BypassTPMCheck» with the value «00000001» and another called «BypassSecureBootCheck» with the value «00000001».
  • Reboot the system.

How to check if you have TPM chip

There are two steps to check whether or not you have a TPM chip in your PC, both super simple, pay attention:

Using the tpm.msc command

install windows 11 if you don't have tpm chip command

  • Enter the Windows search engine from the Start menu.
  • Type “tpm.msc”. If you have the chip, an icon of it will appear.
  • Click on the icon and you will see a window that tells you all the specifications, including the version.
  • If you do not have a TCM chip, you will get a message «Compatible TPM is not found». If this is your case, this post is the method you need.

Using the PowerShell

install windows 11 if you don't have powershell tpm chip

Windows PowerShell is a vitaminized MS-DOS that Windows 10 has. Follow these steps:

  • In the search engine of the «Start» menu type powershell.
  • It will appear at the top above. Click the right mouse button and press where it says «Execute as an administrator».
  • Once inside PowerShell, type “get-tpm”. Then you get all the specifications of the chip.
  • If «False» appears, you do not have a TPM chip.

If you don’t have TMP chip, you can buy one

Another solution to install Windows 11 if you don’t have a TPM chip is to buy the TMP chip. What you should do is see what the motherboard of your PC is and look for the most suitable one. To see which motherboard your PC has press Windows key + R and type “msinfo32”.

We are going to recommend you the TMP chip which accept almost all motherboards, which you can buy on Amazon by pressing the following button. If you don’t see yours write the manufacturer of your board and TPM chip.

Buy TMP chip on Amazon

This solution is the best, since it prepares the PC for an optimal installation of the best novelty of this year: Windows 11. You already know all the ways to install it, which we do not recommend it install previous versions of Windows 11 as the main operating system. Do it with a virtual machine with VirtualBox, they are quite simple steps. In this way you are testing Windows 11 and do not alter your PC.


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