How to invoice in Rappi? – Upload and make your Billing in the Rappi App (Example)

Rappi is one of the best current home delivery App. This is mostly due to the fact that it allows you to do many things (not just order products), for this very reason, today it will be shown How to invoice in Rappi?, So you can keep track of the profits and expenses you are generating in any month of the year.

If you think that doing this is unnecessary, then you are wrong, since having a receipt such as an invoice (either digital or printed) is the best support when paying taxes or claiming your pay (especially when you go to work at Rappi), because basically it is irrefutable evidence.

How to check in at Rappi?

Now, to quickly start with the tutorial, you should know that checking in at Rappi is the easiest thing in the world (it is similar to checking in at Uber Eats), since the same App enables an official page where you are taught to do it (depending on the country where you live is different).

In the case of Argentina (which will be used as an example), to be able to make your Invoice online you have to use any of the means that the AFIP allows you to do so (it can be its official page, or also the Apps dedicated precisely for billing ).

After having said invoice ready, then you must send it through the form that the Rappi page makes available to you (The shipment has to be made at the close of each cut without fail).

register in mobile rappi

If you do everything right then you will have already made your billing successfully. It should be noted that if your country is not Argentina then you must create your invoice with the specialized entity for this and not the AFIP, however the process of sending the form is the same.

To close the issue of invoices, you have to know that if you are a customer, you can request the invoice for your products whenever you want. You will only have to send an email to [email protected] requesting that same, They will provide you with the ticket data so you can get the invoice.

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And voila, with that you know everything you need to be able check in at Rappi, So the next move to make is to follow the short steps outlined above and get up to date with the bills (so they can pay you).

Cutoff date

Now that you have read the above, the initial question has been resolved, so as a little extra, you will see what is the cut-off date that you have as an employee of this App. So that in this way you know when you will receive your earnings and when you should send the invoice.

The first thing you have to know is that cut-off days are not exactly the 15th of each month (It can be before or after), however they will always be in a range close to a fortnight. The second thing is that there are two cut-off dates per month, fortnight and last.

The payday (when your money is transferred to you) is always the one after the cutoff culmination, but sometimes it can take up to 3 business days for funds to enter your account (It never goes beyond there).

rappi company workers

In addition to this, you will be able to see in the Rappi App when it is the court day, so if you are attentive and also know how the Rappi application works perfectly, no date should take you by surprise.

Now if there is nothing more to say, with everything you read you should be more than ready to check in at Rappi, so here you are done. It is time for you to go to your mobile and start calculating how many profits you will have left.

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Remember that your salary as a delivery person is strictly linked to how much you work, so try not to take too many days off and put effort into your work days, so that you can be successful in this life. And in the event that this App stops serving you, then look for which one is better, Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, Uber Eats or OrdersYa ?, so that you can find another job.

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