How to Join a Private or Public Clan in Clash Royale Easily

Clash Royale has become one of the biggest successes in terms of mobile games, it is spoken, being available for Android and iOS devices. Since it was released, it has managed to get various players and occasional users to turn to see it with great interest, thanks to its game dynamics, excellent gameplay and friendly but entertaining appearance.

This is a game which you are not only invited to play with your friends or colleagues, but you also have the opportunity to create different clans, with which you can ensure mutual protection with your friends and colleagues. In this way you can improve greatly with the game and make all those who belong to your team grow greatly.

When a player has reached level 3, they can start searching for a clan they want to join. These clans can be searched through the game, you can create one, or you can join the one of your friends, as long as the same I do not exceed 50 members.

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Within this post, we will dedicate ourselves to explaining in detail, the correct way with which you can join a clan within Clash Royale, in addition to detailing the advantages provided by being able to enter any of them.

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What is the process to join a clan within Clash Royale?

To begin, you must enter the application and now proceed to click inside the tab «Clans» in which you will see a fairly detailed list, with all those clans that are available for you to join.

It is important that we emphasize that in order to correctly enter a clan, it is necessary that you have a prior invitation by one of the members.

However, you can explore within this section, as there are some, which do not necessarily require such an invitation to enter.

This way of handling the game, has the facility of allowing you to perform an advanced search with respect to the clans, with which you can locate different clans depending on the language, skills, or even members.

When you have located said clan, the important thing is that you press the button «Join» So that you begin to be part of it and once entered, you begin to receive rewards for having entered.

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How to leave a clan

Perhaps the clan you have joined no longer convinces you at all, and you need to leave it to be able to enter a new one or create your own. For this, you do not have much to worry about, since it will only be enough to enter the tab «Clan» to find the option «i”.

Which means information, in which you can find all the information which respects the clan to which you have entered, as well as the data of the vast majority of its members.

Once you have found the information regarding the clan, you can also locate the option «Leave», with which you will have the option of leaving the clan in which you are successfully found.

However, we recommend that before leaving the clan, you review in detail the conditions which are placed if you decide to leave said clan, since generally, some of these clans do not allow re-entry once you have left it.

What are the advantages of belonging to a clan?

  • It is possible that by joining depending on the clan, you gain experience points and even some cards, which are donated in a common way by some members of the clan. clan.
  • Cards that are donated by clan members can be received by users in particular within the clan, which may be important in strategy for some members.
  • Being members of the clan, everyone can use the chat, to indicate which cards they need, since the well-being of one implies the victory of all.
  • By donating cards within the people of your clan, you can also receive level points and some coins, which will be beneficial in some battles.

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