How to Join or Enter WhatsApp Messenger Groups? – Step by step (Example)

From the beginning of human civilization, communication became the engine that has driven progress as a society. Thanks to being able to communicate with each other, it is possible to share ideas and thoughts.

As humanity has evolved, the means in which we communicate have also changed. Previously, methods such as fax or calls from telephone exchanges, which was a bit tedious. The arrival of the digital world had a great impact on the way we communicated.

New tools began to be designed with which we can communicate with other people in real time. Regardless of the distance that separates us, this represents a gigantic advance in our development as a society.

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One of the tools o most used applications and that caused the most relevance is WhatsApp. Being a special app to communicate instantly, but also has different options and functions.

How to join or enter WhatsApp Messenger groups?

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In recent years, there have been many ways in which we can communicate with other people. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, one of the tools with the greatest impact and useful when communicating Are the instant messaging apps.

Among these we find the application WhatsApp Messenger, currently has more than 2 billion users worldwide. With this application we can interact through chats with other users who also have this messaging application.

We can also make or take video calls, send voice notes as well as share files of all kinds. Among the characteristics that stand out the most is the possibility of create and join chat groups where we can interact in real time with all the members of this group.

It is very important to know how to use this messaging application, since it is one of the most used worldwide. In this way, it has been decided to prepare this article where we will explain in a detailed way all the steps that must be followed to join or enter WhatsApp Messenger groups.

Steps to join or enter WhatsApp Messenger groups

WhatsApp is a very complete application which offers many options and tools with which we can do any action, in a very simple way. To enter WhatsApp groups we can do it with several methods, taking into account that a group is not the same as a broadcast list.

The best way to join a group is through of a invitation linkThis method can be performed by the group administrators, who are in charge of creating the invitation link to WhatsApp. The first thing they should do is ask the administrator to send them the invitation link.

What this person should do is enter WhatsApp, later open group to which you will be invited. The next step is to select the name of the group located at the top of the screen, in this way you will enter the group information.

Now you must go down until you find the option «Invite the group with a link» and select it, this action can be performed using two options. The first is to click send link via WhatsApp.

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Immediately the contact list will appear, you must find your contact, select it and send the link. The other option is to select Copy linkNow you must go to the chat of the person you want to invite and in the write message box, you must paste the link and send it as a message.

That message will arrive immediately, now all we have to do is press on it to join the group. In this way, following the previous steps, we will have successfully joined a WhatsApp group.

Steps to create a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp also gives us the option to create a group in a very simple way, for this we must open WhatsApp and select the option three dots (menu). We select «New group» and we choose the contacts that we want to add.

Then we give «Next» and we will get the option to put a name to the group, we write the name we want and we give Next. Ready in this way we will have successfully created the WhatsApp group.

Remember that if it bothers you to be in this group after a while, you can leave the WhatsApp group

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