How to Keep Your Windows 10 Desktop Clean and Tidy – Programs and Apps to Organize

The desktop for many is the sacred place of a computer since it is the section where you can put all the applications what do you use frequently or that you just downloaded, it is also where you can apply the theme and wallpaper that you like the most to have a well-set pc.

Most Windows users are known to be very concerned about aesthetics and the desktop itself of the operating system created by Microsoft so much so that they try to change the design of the icons, a proof of this was the discontent on the part of the people when Microsoft tried to discard the desktop when launching the Windows 8 version, a change that they would later discard in the version Windows 8.1.

Sometimes what we call a place of tranquility and peace like a well-ordered desk can turn into a total disaster and a great mess.

Due to the accumulation of files and applications which takes us longer to find the application we want to run, or the file we need to open.

It should also be noted that having an accumulation of icons and applications on the desktop can cause a slowdown on login and computer performance. But worry no more, in this article we will show you how to solve this problem so that you have a neat and easy-to-look desktop.

How to keep Windows 10 desktop clean and tidy?

To clean the desk and keep it organized you can choose the option to order it personally moving app by app, saving the files in folders and organizing them according to the order you prefer.

tidy desk

Removing the icons from the desktop, anchoring some applications to the start bar, among other things you can do, or you can clean and tidy it with the help of certain apps that were created specifically for this purpose.

What applications are used to organize the desktop?

If you don’t like the idea of ​​removing all the icons or even having to download an app to be able to hide the icons on the desktop, you can opt for download and install Some of the applications that we will show you below that can help you organize and clean the Windows 10 desktop on your computer.


This application has the function of converting your desktop and adapting it so that it is similar to that of computers with Mac OS operating system where the application icons and shortcuts are located on the inferior and superiorFurthermore, this application adds a start bar where the icons will have animations and will be more striking.

It also offers you the option to create more taskbars and within them locate the files and applications that you use frequently so that you can have more organization.


With this application you can also make your desktop adopt a design similar to that of Mac OS but with a different style, a bit futuristic but very simple, and more importantly keep your icons organized to make your desktop look more attractive.


Dexpot works in a very peculiar way, and that is that it allows you to divide your desktop, thus creating multiple desks so that you can have specific applications on each desktop, for example a section only for applications and work files, another for games, another for computer tools, among others.

organized icons


StandaloneStack allows you to group all the applications and files within a single icon, which when clicking on said icon or button will open an animated menu with a simple and modern design


What this application does is that it allows the creation of various sections where you can locate the applications and files you want, you can label each section according to the type of applications and files that you are going to save within it, for example, a section for documents, a section for games, a section for school work, a section for multimedia files, among others.

The process to be able to create these sections is very simple, you will only have to create the sections with the number of spaces you want so that you can integrate the applications, then you can with a Double click show or hide icons.

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