How to Know How Many Photos I Have Uploaded to Google Photos and See How Much Space They Take Up

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you’ve heard from Google. In fact, it is quite possible that you used this service to search the question what this article is about. It is important to highlight the importance of this company for the development of our day to day as a civilization.

Thanks to its presence in the market, which has maintained a high standard of quality of service and has given it the leading position in many areas of everyday technology, Google has created countless Apps for computers and for iPhone and Android devices that allow us to specifically modify and manage all our files.

This is important as maintaining good management of our digital spaces. it is important when it comes to being effective and efficient people, prepared to deal with the difficulties that the modern world imposes on us. Google apps include Google Drive, Chrome, and the Chromecast device.

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A very interesting device that this technology giant distributes is the ChromeCast, which is a device of small proportions which has the use of a home digital assistant. It is important to know that these devices can be highly personalized, and users even have the opportunity to learn how to make Chromecast use less power very easily.

Google Drive is a service of free storage for the first 15 GB of information that you upload. This service allows you to upload files, videos, photos and even presentation files, excel and word, which are analyzed by the Google server and presented with a special text modifier of the company.

Chomre is a web browser with many uses, among which the extensions can be highlighted. These can be done by ordinary people, and users can know how to develop their own Google Chrome extension.

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is a division of the Google Drive service, which specializes in the audiovisual file storage, ranging from photo files to videos. This App also allows the user to have 15 GB of free storage, however, by making payments, people can increase their storage space.

This storage is crucialWell, Google made an announcement that changed many important aspects of Google Photos, all in order to safeguard the quality of the service for its users.

This will not affect Google Drive, or other Google storage services, but these will be subject to the relevant advertisements for these Applications. At MiraHomoSeHace, we recommend that you know how to download photos and videos from Google Photos to my Android or PC.

If you are interested in the other products offered by Google, it is important that you know which are the best services and tools that Google offers, these are a large number of applications that have endless uses in everyday life.

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What does the latest Google Photos ad mean?

Google has decided to give the announcement that it will delete the photos that are stored in low quality security backup folders. These folders are important because if Google Photos files are lost, they are available for replacement thanks to Google’s compression technologies, which are applied in almost all its services, including YouTube.

This is important because will free up a certain amount of storage space virtual number of people who use this service. However, this will mean that the photos that we are going to see in the application will only be in full size, and a higher amount of GB’s will be spent to upload large amounts of photos.

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How many photos have I uploaded to Google Photos and how to see the space they occupy?

It is important to know when the free storage that Google allows will run out. This service is key to the lives of many people who do not have where to access computers to save files quickly, and it requires that they be constantly connected to the internet, because without that the files cannot be uploaded to the Google server.

To see how many photos we have using space in the system, we must access the application. We can also access through the Google control panel. When you are there, you should look for a text box that says «Photos». When you press it, a tab will be displayed which lets the user see how many photos and videos they have uploaded, and also how much space they use.

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