How To Know How Much My Website Is Worth – Know How To Calculate The Price Of The Website

Through the following guide we will talk about how to find out how much my website is worth – know how to calculate website price. Information that may be useful if you are looking to sell a domain or website. Before you start, you should know the differences between a blog and a web page, as this will have an impact on the page’s rating.

Factors involved in the value of a website

The following are the aspects that directly affect both the earnings of a website and its profitability at the time of sale. Please read carefully and carefully evaluate the following factors when selling a website.

Visitors per month

This is undoubtedly the most important factor taken into account when selling a website. It is understandable, since visitors are the ones who provide the overall earnings to the site. For this reason it is a point that all potential buyers will take into account.

Information on the visits of each month is commonly requested on average during the last six months. At the same time, it is very possible that the information you check is requested to prove it. Therefore, if you want to sell your website, find out properly about the average number of visitors it is handling.

SEO strategy

Another point that is usually evaluated is the SEO strategies that have been used to position the website. If the person who wants to buy the site from you has experience, they will almost certainly ask you precisely about this information.

know how much website costs

For this reason, it adequately evaluates the SEO strategy that you have used, with the purpose of explaining it to your potential clients. This is important, since, if your strategy has been functional, it would be best to continue running the website with these guidelines. In turn, you can use the Banahosting option to buy a hosting and grow another website.


Other determining factor in the value of a website It is its theme, in fact, this is often related to the traffic that can be generated. In addition, certain themes may not pay as well as others, as they can become more complicated to continue creating content.

For example, if you have a website with a scientific theme, which requires knowledge to create content, possibly your website lose something of value. Clearly this will depend on the visits and traffic you have, but usually the theme directly infers on the value of the site.

On the other hand, you can consider buying and setting up your own domain on Blogger if you want to expand your possibilities in the website business.

How to know how much my website is worth – know how to calculate the price of the website

After knowing properly what your website can offer, it is time to set a price. This is certainly the hardest part, but there are some things you can consider to make the job easier.

Research in different forums and websites

There are many websites and forums dedicated to business already generate income through the Internet. This usually represents a good space to make sales of electronic goods, as is the case with websites.

sell website

If you already know everything that your site offers, you can look for proposals and offers made by other users. Clearly, focus on those that are similar to your websiteWithout a doubt, this is a good way to establish an average price that you can offer to your potential clients.

The sales process

Today, buying and selling platforms provide the option to sell electronic material, such as websites. Here you have the possibility to offer a direct price or do auctions (depending on the sale website).

This will depend specifically on what you are looking for, in many cases an auction may be the best option, as long as you establish a minimum sale price. In any case, you can also offer your website in forums like the ones we mentioned before.

Undoubtedly the sales process can be facilitated by knowing which are the most used marketing tricks to sell more.

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