How to know if a payment has been credited in Mercado Libre How long does it take to get credited?

The world of the internet is very insecure, but it has become very necessary to be able to enjoy certain benefits that only these sites offer. Many times we can feel insecure when making an online purchase, as we are practically buying with our eyes closed.

To work on this insecurity and improve trust between the seller and the buyer, these online payment platforms, such as Mercado Pago. Here we will tell you everything about this new but safe payment method.

What is Mercado Pago?

It is a payment platform, currently the largest in Latin America, is the main option when choosing a secure payment method to make purchases through sale pages such as Mercado Libre.

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This payment method is automatically activated when creating or opening an account on the Mercado Libre platform. Through this you can pay or receive payments by buying or selling activities.

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Mercado Pago is the way safer to hand over money when making purchases at a distance, usually to people you don’t know. This is possible with credit card payments, bank transfers, among others.

With this payment method you prevent scams or deception Through the exercise of buying and selling online, since the money is retained for a period of time, it depends on what type of system the buyer has chosen to use, until the product or service is satisfactorily received.

By allowing this payment method on your services, they offer different benefits to buyers. That he money is protected is one of the main ones, then there is the possibility that the buyer receives a discount for the use of certain credit cards, in addition the client can make a purchase on credit through Mercado Libre through Mercado Pago.

How to use Mercado Pago?

To use this payment method in any purchase or offer this option in any sale you just have to create a mobile wallet. It is important to note that this is created automatically when registering on the official Mercado Libre page.

In this way, in the case of being a seller, will have this service available so that its buyer clients can make the respective payment for products or services, with payments through credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and even cash or other mobile wallets.

If it is through cash payments, the buyer must go to one of the authorized offices to make payments and receive payments from Mercado Pago. Some of these are Efecty, Rapipago, among others.

Each one has its policy when withdrawing money from the Mercado Pago mobile wallet, but generally they require the original documentation of the person who owns the wallet.

To verify the movements of your Mercado Pago account you just have to enter the official page or application and enter username and password created mainly

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How long does it take for a payment to be credited in Mercado Libre?

The Mercado Pago money will be available for the holder to make the movements he wants with it, withdraw or transfer his money to his bank account, when the product sold has reached the buyer satisfactorily and he I have not had any inconvenience.

Following this, the buyer must proceed to qualify the seller, so that Mercado Libre confirms that the delivery was already made successfully so that proceed to release the payment. This is how money is kept protected through the use of this payment method.

The time it takes for a money from the payment market mobile wallet in Mercado Libre to be available for use by the holder is up to the buyer, or failing that, past the day limit, which Mercado Libre grants to the buyer after receiving the product, in case there is dissatisfaction with it.

If the Mercado Libre seller owns low or no reputation, and paid to that, the buyer does not classify his service, he must wait a minimum of 21 days for the payment to be released. But if the seller uses Mercado Envíos, has a good reputation and the product he sold was new, the money will be released or unlocked in 2 days.

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