How to Know If I Could Lose the Featured Fan Badge on Facebook

The Featured fan badges on Facebook are those that are granted to us when we are very active to a certain page, that is, we like, react, comment, share, its publications. The people who accept and that the page grants it, a kind of badge next to name every time they comment on posts on the page. They will also appear on the public list in the «Community» window on the page to which we are featured Fanes.

Lately it is very fashionable this badge on pages of memes, movies and series, since they are the most popular pages in the world. The pages that can award the badge are those that have 10,000 followers or more, and must be 28 days old or more. They shouldn’t wear the pledge badge since for this the page can be penalized.

As expected, the badge has been used by very famous memes On Facebook, likewise, this has been good for the social network since it has given it much more publicity than it had previously.

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Can the Featured Fan Badge get lost?

Badge may be lost if we don’t keep it, that is, we must be publishing, commenting and reacting as has been done previously, since if we become inactive, the page may reach the point of taking away this privilege. It may also happen that the page deactivate all their badges, because they have badges with the badges, or simply because they no longer use that modality and, they «reward» their more active followers in another way or they simply do not.

Outstanding Fan Badges on Facebook they are easy to win but they are also very easy to lose, so we must always be active if we want to maintain this insignia.

It can also be lost if administrators simply decide to delete the page for some reason, it usually happens that they delete accounts because they run out of content or lose prestige.

How to get the Featured Fan badge?

Not all Facebook pages have badges activated, there are even several pages that they decided to remove this due to the many outstanding fans that they were having in so few days.

As said before, it is awarded by being faithful to a page, commenting, reacting and sharing content from the page, then the administrators will give you the badge.

What benefits do you get?

The moment it is activated, that is, a person confirms it, he has the benefit of having a diamond shaped badge yellow every time they comment on a post. They will be part of a different membership list than all members in general. Likewise, there are certain pages that put their outstanding fans in contests, special giveaways, among others.

For admins who can share content from page to page, this badge It’s very important, since this way they can know who are the members that interact the most with the page, likewise, they can realize if they are still active after obtaining it or not. In this way, they can create a number of audiences or users chosen by them and thus have them in special promotions.

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How to remove Featured Fan badge manually?

The Facebook badge does not you can take it off yourself, an administrator has to remove it manually, if the user or administrator so wishes, for that, the following steps must be followed in the Facebook configuration:

  1. Click on news selection, then pages on the left side of the menu.
  2. Go to your page.
  3. Click Community.
  4. Search for the person you want or who asked you to remove the badge.
  5. Select the option to remove featured fan badge.

For many, it is important Being a prominent fan on Facebook, then, your comments are a reason for a meme because of the badge or simply have more importance, and that makes the person have more friends on Facebook, you can even get to know who sees this person’s profile and that for some is something special.

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