How to know if I have my router updated and update it

Technology is currently found in most of the things we do regularly, over the years its use has intensified more, this in order to make things much easier.

Over the years, electronic devices, networks and any type of field related to technology undergoes changes and updates, This is due to the growing demand from users and especially their demands.

In this way, the developers of electronic equipment and they are forced to be constantly updated so as not to be left behind. Consequently, for us not to stay behind in terms of technology, we also need to be innovating.

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Innovate all the components that we use regularly, in this way we will be able to perform any task much more easily. Likewise, we will be more protected against any threat.

Why is it necessary to update my router?

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As we already know, over the years, technology and everything related to it is being updated, for this reason it is extremely necessary to do the same. The router or router, are those that allow us to connect via WI-FI to the internet.

For this reason, they are the most susceptible medium in terms of threats, likewise if our router receives some type of damage, our entire connection will be affected; It is very necessary to periodically update the firmware of our router.

Firmware is basically the software that controls our computer, rather the one that ensures that all internal circuits operate correctly, over time. new firmware is emerging with better features and much more advanced.

That is why, the importance of having our Router updated, for this we must know what is the brand and model of our router and download the most recent version available. We must look for it on the official page of our router and download it to our computer, once this is done we can update.

How do I know if my router is up to date?

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Before updating the firmware of our router, it is necessary to know the current version that the router has, in this way we can know if it is necessary to update our router or not.

To do this, the first thing we must do is go to our trusted browser and click on the address bar located at the top of the screen, there we must write the IP address of our router, usually it is, then we give enter.

In this way, a box will appear in the window where we must enter the username and password of our router. When entering the router control interface, we must click on the option «Administration», usually this is located on the left side of the screen.

A list of options will be displayed, where we must select the option «Upgrade»When entering this option we can see if our router is updated. In the Firmware Version section, the version that our router has will appear.

Steps to update our Router

If we want to update the router, we must go to the bar located at the top of where the Firmware version was observed. We will click on the option Browse, in this way we will enter the files on our computer.

We must look for the file with the updated Firmware that we previously downloaded and select it by double clicking on it. Then we click on the option Upgrade and we confirm when it does not indicate it.

Automatically, a charging process will begin which will last on average between two and five minutes, we must be patient and wait for the process to finish. In the course of charging, be very careful not to interrupt the update so as not to cause damage.

When the file upload process finishes, an option should appear to reboot the router, when this message appears we must click on Reboot to be able to restart it and that’s it.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the router update process is simple, and it will not take much time. However, it is an action that can greatly enhance its performance, so it is important to do it periodically.

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