How to know if I should change or replace the battery of my mobile phone – know battery status

Since the origin of mobiles, these they have had a lot of evolution. From its physical appearance to more specific characteristics, its battery or even its operating systems, a massive consumption of cell phones was created and these have become very indispensable in society regardless of people’s ages.

If we talk about technology, that of cell phones became the main technological tool used in the world. They have had a great evolution, today most people have cell phones and internet access.

Mobile phones gave the world the opportunity to have more communication Even if we are far away, it is no longer the typical conventional communication, but it is possible to send photographs, audios and even make video calls.

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Therefore, for the best use of these smartphones it is necessary in most cases to download the Google Play Store. Through this, you can access many applications, but nevertheless, these mobiles have a useful life and so do their batteries. We will clarify for you shortly when is it time to replace the battery from your mobile.

The battery as an essential part of a mobile

For a mobile to function optimally, it must have its necessary parts and these must be given good care, one of its most fundamental piece is the batterySome are mobile integrated as there are other cases that do not.

Regarding its progress, it has been recommended use energy saving which now comes in mobiles to give these mobiles more useful life, with this option you dose the battery of your mobile and the battery lasts longer.

In this way, mobile devices use software and this is of great importance for the optimal functioning of the phone, whether it is an Android or iOS operating system, many times are done automatically.

But, in case this does not happen, you must find out how to update the Android software to its latest version. So that, you can also update it without going to a specific site. Therefore, so the fundamental pieces also they will work in the best way.

checking the back of a mobile device

How to know if I should change or replace the battery of my mobile

The first thing we must take into account is that the useful life of a mobile is between 300 and 500 cycles. If you ask yourself, how is this cycle? Well, it is nothing more and nothing less than the times that the phone reaches 100% its battery, if we talk about time it can be from a year to a year and a half on average of useful life.

On the other hand, one of the factors that tell you that you should change the battery is that starts to last much less of how it was at the beginning to get the phone. Likewise, another indication would be deformity in the battery, although many today come integrated, we can go to a professional to help us.

Even if your phone takes a long time to charge, it means that battery performance has decreased in a great way, or simply if the percentage stays in the same place, all this tells us that we must make a change in our battery.

Physical indication of deterioration in the battery of your mobile – Risks

As we mentioned before, if the battery is integrated and you manage to go to a professional to see the battery in a better way, it is important that you look at its state. That is, if the battery is swollen or remains in good physical condition.

phone connected to a power source shows battery charging process

Another way is to pre-fix if your contacts are somewhat mixed, in a different way than it should because this can bring great risks. In case this happens, it would be ideal that you go to change the battery of your mobile, even if these devices are of high quality there are many risks.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that there are cases where mobile batteries have exploded while charging. In addition, a high voltage can also lead to this where the mobile is charging and this leads to setting fire to the phone.

So one of the recommendations we make to you is that you should always charge the mobile with its original charger. This way you could avoid an accident as a result of improper use.

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