How to know if my cell phone is burned or short-circuited and if the board can be repaired

Day by day we are realizing the ways in which a cell phone can be damaged, likewise we become more and more desperate when one of these reasons happens on our cell phones.

The battery plate or also called the cell plate, has the most important function of your phone so it is the most prone to damage in any of the previously mentioned reasons, this happens because this plate has several small pieces, which together make a set of unique and special pieces for your phone model. The moment the phone is turned on again, the cell phone must be reset from the factory.

Did my cell phone burn or just short circuit?

There are many ways to know if a cell phone burned or just short, sometimes for reasons so simple that we do not even realize how it happened. There are people who say that Samsung phones are the most likely to have this happen to them.

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The most common reasons why a cell phone burns it is because some liquid enters it, or even by the charger, that is, high voltage chargers that make us overcharge our cell phone, causing the plate to become very hot and thus causing an irreparable error.

cellular short

Sometimes it is normal for a cell phone to get stuck in the Android logo, for this we must consult a technician.

When the mobile phone is wet by some type of liquid it is evident that it is damaged by this liquid, causing a short circuit and also causing the plate to burn, so it is possible that both things happen in a few steps.

Those most affected when this happens It is the motherboard or the battery plate and the cell phone screenThis is because they are the ones that bring the most microcircuits inside the cell phone.

The devices cause short circuits when they make contact with some foreign substance, this is because the device produces oxidation and sulfates are born that cause shorts inside the plate. In this case it is important to remove the battery, SIM card and not turn on the device for a few hours.

How to solve these cases?

There are people who have designed different home methods that help the phone not reach the so-called «sudden death», among them is the rice technique to absorb all the moisture in the device. All this is done with the parts of the phone on the outside, there are other techniques much more complicated but I assure you that their effectiveness will be the same.

Let us remember that every problem has a solution depending on its severity, that is, how long it was in contact with the water.

In case the problem is an overload, you should check where the biggest problem was, at this moment we will find out if it was on the screen, plate, charging pin, among others. If it was on the plate, it is better that you buy a new one.

broken cell phone repair

Can the board be repaired if some of these problems happen?

As previously stated, these explanations vary according to the severity of the damage caused to the cell phone, sometimes it can be irreparable. But to answer your question, If the battery plate of our cell phone can be repaired.

Battery plates are multiple pieces formed into one, so these parts can be replaced depending on the damageHowever, it is something that can be very expensive depending on the cell phone model we have, likewise there are times when a technician tells us that it is better to buy a new plate.

Let’s remember that the battery plate is the fundamental part of a phone, so nowadays it is very common for them to be malniobradas, in very rare cases these plates have qualms, that is why we must know the characteristics of our Android, taking into account that these are always changing.

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