How to Know if the Model of a Television is HD, Full HD or UHD 4K Easy and Fast Where do you look at the Resolution?

How to Know if the Model of a Television is

Today, most people have tools or items in their homes that allow them to get entertainment in their spare time. Such is the case of televisions, since they serve as a means to watch, among other things, movies, programs via cable TV, video games, among others. In this sense, It will be very useful to know the resolution of your TV.

In this post, we will be talking about how to know if the model of a television is HD, Full HD or UHD 4k, we will tell you what you should know to identify these equipment and get the best out of it based on your needs. In addition, you will have the tools to know what type of Streaming programming you can hire and that it is compatible with your TV

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What is the resolution of a TV and what is it for?

Resolution is a parameter offered by televisions and by means of which it is possible to distinguish the image quality to better appreciate them. That is, it is the measure with which you can identify the ability of the equipment to offer to a greater or lesser extent a good distinction of the images and the effects that they may contain.

For the purposes of the needs you have, you must have a television with a better resolution, for example, if you are looking to use a TV to reproduce the images emitted by a PS5, You must purchase at least a TV whose resolution is Full HD, otherwise, you will be losing details in the images offered by the video game console.

Similarly, if the content you want to view comes from a source whose native resolution is equal to or greater than HDi.e. 1270 x 720p. Since having a TV with less capacity, you will be losing interesting details of the content played. It is also true that you can turn your old model TV into a Smart TV; however, you should know that you will not improve the quality of the images beyond the native quality offered by the original device.

Another important aspect that will be useful to you is to understand the difference between image playback formats that handles your TV, and you will find equipment that has the nomenclature 1270 x 720p or 1270 x 720i. This point is very important, since the computers that end in “i” reproduce the image alternately by stripes, while those that end in “p” do so progressively. This results in that the teams that end in “i” tend to generate jumps in video playback, those that end in “p” are better.

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Where can you see the screen resolution of your TV?

Before advancing on how to identify the resolution of your TV screen, you should know the difference between the different resolutions offered in the market; and is that basically you will find, the standard definition, HD, Full HD and UHD or 4k. The difference between them, you will see in the following information:

  • Standard: It offers you the amount of 720 x 480p (Being the lowest of the current resolutions)
  • HD: You will find the identification 1270 x 720p or 1270 x 720i
  • Full HD: These computers will be identified as 1920 x 1080p or 1920 x 1080i
  • UHD or 4k: They are the most advanced in image quality with resolution of 3840 x 2160p

You will find various models and brands of TV in the market that offer different resolutions according to your needs, such is the case of Smart TVs that you can additionally download compatible applications to have an integrated device. In this way you can obtain a versatile equipment, however, you must take into account the information provided to know what is the minimum resolution you need.

Now, to know the resolution of your TV you can see it in the box of the equipment, in the instruction manual, in the information provided by the provider if you are making a purchase via the internet. There is even some TV models that offer the information through the navigation menu of the same. In the case of the Samsung brand, for example, the company makes information available to you to recognize the resolution of the equipment.

Another way to identify the resolution is through the video connection ports of the equipment, since if it has HDMI or DVI-D input ports, you will be able to reproduce high quality images. This is because at least the equipment will have 1080p or Full HD resolution.

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