How to know if they are stealing Internet WiFi to block them? (Example)

It is common for third parties to illegally connect to someone else’s Wi-Fi. Sometimes you may not notice it right away; If you ask yourself, how do I know if they are stealing wifi internet to block them? A complete guide will be presented so that you can detect and block it permanently.

Find out if Wi-Fi internet is being stolen, so you can block them

When other people steal your wifi internet may cause slow network connection. In addition, it makes your personal information and history on the network vulnerable. Therefore, it is essential that you detect if they are stealing Wi-Fi internet to block them.

Wi-Fi theft can happen for a number of reasons. One of them may be to have an easy to crack Wi-Fi password. Some people use weak codes such as repeating or sequential numbers, personal names, etc.

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It can also happen because routers come with a pre-built factory wifi key. Which is determined through certain patterns, so some people discover these patterns and manage to decipher the key.

It is important understand what Wi-Fi theft entailsas some people do it to commit cybercrime. If they do it with your Wi-Fi internet, your IP address will be involved in a crime and you can be involved in legal problems.

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4 ways to know if your wifi internet is being stolen

  1. From the router; since it has a section called WLAN, which can indicate how many devices are connected to wifi. For example, if you are not using the internet and the light that indicates the connection remains active, it indicates that someone else is connected to the network.
  2. Through the connected devices; To do this, enter a computer and verify the MAC filters. This option allows you to detect how many devices are connected to your network. You will only need your username and router password and enter your computer.
  3. Another way is by checking the connection speed. Since there are more devices connected, it will be slower than usual. Therefore, you must be attentive to the connection speed.
  4. There are also different applications that allow you to know all the devices that are connected to a network. You can even identify if it is a mobile or a pc.

How to block those who steal your Wi-Fi network

There are several ways to block those who steal your Wi-Fi internet and thus prevent this from happening to you. These are the options:

  • Change your wifi internet password: Although it is something basic, in reality this is one of the ways in which more thefts of Wi-Fi internet occur. Either by default passwords or by those that are very easy. By changing the password and placing a more complex one, you prevent third parties from accessing your Wi-Fi.
  • It is recommended that on a regular basis change the password, since some people dedicated to the theft of wifi, manage to circumvent them.
  • With MAC filter: You can block a specific MAC address that you have detected on your wifi. It is a simple process that can be done from the computer. It is about the router configuration, go to the connections of the MAC addresses. Then with your username and password, you can access the option «Associated Devices”Or connected devices. There you can permanently block all addresses of foreign devices.

have a secure wifi

In the same way, it is important that you remember do not share your wifi internet password with other people. Avoid exposing your network to third parties that not only affect your connection, but can also affect your network security. Now you know how to identify if Wi-Fi internet is being stolen to permanently block them.

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