How to know if you have been Blocked in Wallapop and how to get Unblocked? (Example)

Wallapop is one of the best applications and pages that exist to sell products. This is mostly due to the interaction they have achieved between customers and sellers through private chats. For this reason, today you will learn How to know if you have been blocked in Wallapop?

And, by downloading and installing the Wallapop app you will not only enter a world of quick and easy sales, but also you will participate in a community with social network style, which can be very good for some things, but at the same time counterproductive in others (especially if you are one of those who tend to respond badly and be blocked).

How to know if you have been blocked on Wallapop?

Going straight to the point of today, you have to keep in mind that unlike other applications that work with a social network style, Wallapop does not send you any notification that a user has blocked you.

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So to know if you have been blocked in Wallapop, you have to look at certain details of the chat, which give clues about what happened (not him because). The first of these details is that you are not it will show the double blue check of read message.

On the other hand, the messages may remain gray or, failing that, a clock may simply appear as it was never sent. If this happens to you, you must wait a while to see if it is your connection or the application that fails, but if it continues then you are blocked.

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It should be noted that in certain versions of Wallapop (in the case of the official application) there is no double blue Check, so it is more feasible to be guided by the clock. In the same way you have to keep in mind that the person can unlock you whenever they want, however the messages you sent him while you were blocked will never reach him.

So you can find out if you have ever been blocked by being guided by the fact that old messages are all grayed out or on the clock. Finally, it should be noted that even if you are blocked from the chat, you will still be able to see posts from that personIn other words, the fact that their publications continue to appear is not an indication of anything.

How to get unblocked in Wallapop?

Now that you have learned how to know if you have been blocked in Wallapop, it is time for you to see if you can get them to unblock you or not. And the answer is directly no. You can’t get a person to unblock you unless they want to.

This is because Wallapop’s policies make it very clear that the seller and customer are free to chat, so also there is freedom to block whoever you want no repercussions or explanations.

If what you want is to be unblocked, you must wait, or find another way to contact this person, such as an associated email or contact telephone number.

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In the same way, as a slightly more extreme solution, you can delete or cancel an account in Wallapop, and create one from 0 to be able to talk to the person you wanted. This is completely legal, however if someone blocked you, they would have their reasons, so harassing them is never good.

The best thing in these situations is or find another contact and explain your case, or leave things at that. Because it is useless to enlarge a problem more than it is (especially if it was you who made a mistake).

And voila, with that you know everything you need to know if you have been blocked in Wallapop, and how to solve this problem. So all you have to do is enter or log in to Wallapop, and pray that you don’t have any problems with a member of the community.

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