How to Know if You Have Been Sent a Fake Real-Time Location on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a fundamental application and of the type indispensable for the lives of millions of people around the world, this is due to the versatility of all its tools for online communication, which are constantly being improved.

The tool we will talk about today is ‘the location in real time’, a way to let our friends and acquaintances know where we are. If you want to know how to use this tool, and if you have been sent a fake location, read on.

What is a real-time location in WhatApp?

Amidst the interest of communicate more, we now have a WhatsApp tool that contributes to this goal. It is the well-known ‘real-time location’, one of the most accurate ways for others to know where we are at a certain moment.

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The real-time location is a WhatsApp tool that allows an application user, through a group or individual chat, send the geographical position to their acquaintances or other people so that they know where that user really is.

With the location in real time it is possible to share information about the address or location, worth the redundancy, from one person to others, and if that location changes, it will be reflected for the other person.

location in time false eal on a phone with whatsapp

That is, if you send a location in real time, the recipient of the message with that location can not only see where you are, but also where are you heading and when are you moving back and forth, which is a tracking tool that can be used for various tasks, as well as can be dangerous.

How to send a location in real time on WhatsApp?

For send a location in real time, obviously you must have this application downloaded and installed on your device and have logged into your WhatsApp account. This can be done from even a computer linked to your mobile.

It is also recommended to have previously updated the WhatsApp version to the most recent one, or at least the one that already has the tool in question, and you can do that through the Play Store on your Android phone, or in the App Store on your iOS device.

If you don’t have an Android or iOS phoneDon’t worry, you can download and install Google Play Store services on devices of any brand.

Now then you must enable location permission from your phone in the application; After this, you must enter the application regularly and create a group or individual chat, or open it if you already have it, and go to the Attach option, which has the symbol of a clip.

At this point, you are going to click on the location option, and then on ‘Real-time location’, and immediately will share the information in that chat, so that the other person or people can see it.

How to know if you have been sent a fake real-time location on WhatsApp?

As previously said, this is a tool that allows us to stay more in touch with the people we love, however, it can be dangerous in the hands of a stranger.

man sending his location in real time of whatsapp

That is why some people, like security measures, do not send your address or location in real time, so as not to be followed or run the risk of a criminal act while it can be avoided.

In addition, there are those who do it as a security measure as well, but in another way: attaching a fake real-time location. And they do this, so that the other user gets confused and first reaches a wrong and uncertain destination, and thus corroborates who it is, when it is a stranger.

If they have done the latter with you, for your information we tell you that it is possible to know if they have sent you a fake real time location on WhatsApp as follows, which is not complicated at all.

Usually when a location is sent in real time, there are no messages written within the same message. If the location sent have a hyperlink, from any address, it is false.

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