How to Know My Prepaid or Postpaid WOM Number in an Easy Way

WOM, as we all know, is a telecommunications company founded mainly in Chile. WOM has its own 3g and 4g coverage nationwide, this being a very successful phone company.

This company has very low costs, this makes its clientele quite large. There are thousands of people who are affiliated with WOM and have very welcome comments regarding the company, especially the options when it comes to paying for its service. On many occasions we become affiliated with WOM and with our excitement to be part of this team we forget to ask something very important What is my cell phone number? Do not worry, this is something more common than you think and that at the time has happened to all of us and here we are going to explain how to find out.

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How do I know if my phone number is from WOM?

This is discovered by removing the chip from the phone and seeing if This one has the WOM company logo printed on it. If you took it out but can’t put it back in, don’t worry, reinstalling the SIM to a cell phone is not a difficult task.

When we buy or activate a new Chip, the first thing we must and we want to know is, what is our phone number, since we will always want to share it at some point like that, be it with our friends, family or with that person you met in a restaurant.

Another case that is very common among users is that they already had their Chip activated but have forgotten the phone number. Do not worry, that also applies and we know that it has happened to many of us, and if you wish, you can learn how to recover a deactivated SIM Chip.

How can I find out my WOM number?

First of all, you should know that if there is a possibility, or well, possibilities of knowing or recovering your number in WOM in the easiest, simplest and best way, free. This is because WOM does not ask for any type of charge of balance or anything to be able to carry out this procedure.

In order to know what your phone number is, you need to access the calls section of your Smartphone. Later, you need to enter a phone number which is * 103 #. Before this call, the telephone It will show you a box of options.

In this box you need choose option number two. Then, you will get another box to which you have to select the same option. Then, you will get a window that says your number. If you want to learn how to do this but have a balance / a WOM plan, just call * 555 #.

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Call WOM to retrieve or find out my number

You are literally going to call WOM, but on the one hand this option is very good in case you have more questions about your phone line. So take advantage of this call and ask all the questions you have. Do not worry In case you think that you are going to be charged for the call, this is not the case, dialing the WOM operator is completely free.

Grab your phone and dial the number * 611 On the numeric keypad, it will automatically send you to the operator and after this you can talk to an executive so that you can express all your doubts you have and ask them what your phone number is, don’t forget.

If you don’t want dial the operatorOkay, the other option you can take is to call a friend or acquaintance, if you know their phone number or if you have them. In this way you can ask the person in question what is the number from which the call was made and thus you will know that this is your phone number.

When you know what your phone number is don’t forget to write it down somewhere where you remember it is, as it is always important that it is in an easy-to-access place. A very good way to always have it on hand is to write it down on Post-it, however, a better way is by learning to download the Color Note APK from Post-it and writing it there.

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