How to Know or Know the Name and Model of your Cell Phone Quick and Easy

Having a mobile phone is a very effective way to simplify your life in several aspects, whether you are an entrepreneur in need of a virtual assistant and a bit of order in your activities, or you are a person eager to take some professional photos and upload them to the social networks you use the most.

Whatever your intentions with a mobile deviceYou will certainly be able to give it tons of uses and also be able to customize it in the way that you want the most.

The mobile device market has evolved tremendously, to the point where you have tons of different brands that a user can choose from. Many of these brands have different advantages and disadvantages, or at least aspects that a particular person may like more. As well as it is also important that you know if your cell phone is high, medium or low range.

This makes many of us decide on a brand, but they always have different ways of doing things, especially if they have different operating systems. Fortunately, current operating systems are quite modern and extremely clean in terms of their user interface, as can be the case with some less used ones such as Windows for mobile.

At the end of the bill, either by brand or because of the operating system, many tend to be careful about the choice they make for a device when buying one.

But, there are scenarios where the person has ended up buying a mobile without knowing what it is, or they have been given it without the original box, which means that they do not know much about the mobile.

Knowing about the model or the mobile name is extremely important when you need to carry out certain actions or repairs on it, that is why below we will tell you how you can know the Name or model of a mobile without too many problems.

three mobile devices

In the case of an Android or Windows Phone device

If you have a mobile device and they find you a little confused regarding certain specifications of it, either because you do not have the original packaging or for other reasons, remember that you always have ways to find out even the smallest details through the same mobile .

For example, in the case of a mobile Android you have a lot of the investigation work quite simple, because the same mobile will give you all the data you need so that you do not have to rack your brains looking for photos of those who are most similar to you online.

The information you need to know about your Android mobile is found in the option of “Settings”, or from “Setting” (the latter depends on what your mobile is), so enter there.

Once you have all the options available on your screen, you can go to “General”, then look for the section of “About phone or device”. And, here you will be able to see all the data of your mobile, such as the model and the name in case you have one since before.

On the other hand, if you have a Windows Phone or a mobile with Windows operating system, it is not a lot of work, since again the information is inside the mobile. Just enter the “Settings” from your mobile, and then go directly to the part of “Information” and within this section you will only have to enter and “Phone information” to see all the data.

samsung screens

If you have an iPhone

It is true that many Apple mobile devices look a lot like for those who have never owned an iPhone before. But, to be able to differentiate them and know the model of it, you just have to flip the phone, since on the back of it is the name of the model and other details of the mobile that may interest you.

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