How to Know the IP Address of my Linux Computer Using Command?

Whenever we acquire a Electronic device, be it mobile phone, computer, router, etc. we must know and have their technical specifications at hand.

By having this knowledge we will be able to use these devices in an efficient way. And one of these data that we must know is the IP address. That is why in the following article we will tell you how to know the IP address of my Linux computer using command.

computer ip address

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Of course you should already know what the IP address is, but if you don’t know it, this is nothing more than an identification number that a device has to be able to use the internet network. This address is very easy to find on your device that works with Linux system. So in the next tutorial we will tell you how to know the IP address of my Linux computer using command.

Taking this knowledge into account is very important and in repeated publications we have explained how to use the IP address and how to locate it on devices such as Router. By means of this IP address, the location of a person can be perfectly traced anywhere in the world.

How to find out the IP address of my Linux computer using command

Of course, you can find this information in a simpler way but you must have an internet connection since you must do it through the search engine. Entering what your IP is and you will find many pages that will offer you this information. But we will tell you how you can do it in a simple way through the use of commands.

In other operating systems you will not find so many commands to be able to find the IP address from a Linux computer. And then we will tell you what they are and how they are put into practice so that you can have this information at hand, in case you want to know it or also so that you can change it.

The first command that we will show you is the most common to locate the IP address of your computer and is IFCONFIG. Because we say that it is the most used, since through this command we will associate an IP address to another computer that uses the network. With it you can see the parameters of the different network interfaces.

Write this command and you will see the information about for different meters, but you can locate the IP address in inet addr. There you are going to locate a series of numbers divided by three points, you can also use this command to find the IP address of a specific interface. In that place you must write IFCONFIG followed by the name of the interface which can be wlan0.

More commands you can use to find out the IP address on my Linux computer

We will now make use of another command with which you will find the IP address very quickly and it is through ip addr. Here you will get not only the IP address but also important information about the interface.

Now it is your turn to show you another command that will also show you what your IP address is and it is the command hostname. When you use it, you set the administrative settings of the network in motion. You will be able to see the IP addresses of those network connections that are active at that moment.

We will now talk about the ip router command, through it we can perform a very important and basic configuration. And it is the static route, we can not only know our IP address. We can also make the network performance greatly increase, it is usually used in small networks.

To conclude with this interesting article, we will name you one last command that through it we can deactivate, activate, create, modify and delete connections. And it’s about the nmcli command and is known as the Network manager command line interface.

linux ip address

So in this way we end this article, hoping it has been very helpful so that you can locate this important information. And without great complications we could teach you how to know the IP address of my Linux computer using command.

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