How to Know Where You Are or Died in ARK: Survival Evolved – See Your Location on the Map

The excessive need for self-sufficiency, puts pressure on the permanent search for resources, to the point of raising dinosaurs and incubating eggs, adding that it leaves an exhausting day in the I play to survive, under the immensity of the word, it is captured as an extremely hostile environment, shown in the best game map, but extremely addictive for all gamers who try the experience in ARK: Survival Evolved.

It is a game of great access for anyone who wants to play it, first they have to learn to survive in this environment. Already with a long history, ARK becomes an obligatory point of reference and is published as an operational foundation for content creators, since its title, links exponential action. Without neglecting creativity, because in the game we can even spray paint dinosaurs. This leads us to an adventure at its best and the powerful sense of survival that keeps the player with his senses awake but always with the help of the best map.

What can you do to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved?

As it is a survival game, death is always upon the player, so running away from it is not a very successful possibility, in addition, the game focuses the feeling of constant danger to promote the highest quality gamer adrenaline. But that does not mean that you are a constant victim of death.

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But if it involves being skillful and using the map to position locations where resources are more abundant and you can more easily achieve your adventurous purposes. After creating the character, try to make your first foray into areas of latent danger, such as exposed grasslands, beaches, chasms, and related towns that compromise your virtual integrity.

tree house in ark

The southern areas would be the most ideal, you do not want to be precisely in the meadow where dinosaurs graze are food for other dinosaurs, but these grazers are generally the most docile to human contact. Develop in these areas and maintain at the beginning, away from danger As you explore the game’s possibilities, they will ensure you don’t die so flat on your face.

But there can always come out of some thicket some beast that he wants to use you as his appetizing breakfast and if you are not with the preparation, ideal, you will simply be a good meal for the green friends.

Not on the ARK: Survival Evolved map?

In the meantime it is very simple to see I lost my sight and do not know where you are. In addition, another possible problem will be knowing where you are going, nobody can grope, well in fact you could, but it is not ideal, given the immensity of the town where ARK: Survival Evolved takes place, not knowing your location or seeing it, it will be a total and overwhelming predicament for patience.

various ark dinosaurs

In addition to all the danger that surrounds the action, in case it is already without a location it only makes things extremely difficult, there is enough with the stress of knowing the snack of a prehistoric beastAs if to attach the map roll, it will always be crucial that you know how to handle the cartography of the island, as well as your positioning in real time within the events of all the adrenaline that runs.

How do you know where you are in ARK: Survival Evolved?

The world of possibilities in ARK: Survival Evolved, forces us to know where we are, but this can be an added problem, if we do not know how to place our position on the map or visualize ourselves in it, that is why we will teach you how to do it in a simple but highly effective way, since in many cases the general solutions do not apply or do not solve the problem due to different factors.

If you are playing in solitary mode, that is, single player, try before starting or entering the game, take a walk through the menu and always explore options, within so many possibilities you will see the one that is reflected as “show player in map ”, there you can ensure your viewing within the action, but it can also happen that your language preferences are more comfortable in your native language, if so, then set the language of your liking.

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