How to know which Contacts I have talked to the most on WhatsApp – How to see my Frequent Contacts

This application is undoubtedly the most used and recognized worldwide, since it allows you to communicate easily and quickly with friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances. Through its messaging platform you can exchange both messages and voice notes and as if that were not enough, you can send or receive photos, videos or documents, among other functions it has.

Among the many functions that this application has, it will also allow you to easily log into WhatsApp web from a computer or other mobile device that has an updated browser; and so you can continue talking comfortably with your contacts.

Also, if you want more information about How does WhatsApp Messeger work? that is possible by entering its official page and there you will get in a detailed way everything related to this application and if you also want you can use WhatsApp on your computer, for your comfort.

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In the same way, this application allows you know with which contacts I have spoken the most or see what are the frequent contacts. You can do it regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone phone; since you only have to take a few small steps that will allow you to know that information.

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Who do I talk to the most on WhatsApp

In general, to find out who you talk to the most on WhatsApp or exchange many files, you will have to apply a series of steps that will allow you to do it; Because this application does not have an exclusive section that indicates that information in detail.

However, WhatsApp does incorporate a little trick that will allow you to have a clue of which contacts you have the most communication with. Likewise, this function will not only give you a detailed list of the contacts with whom you have the most interaction, either by sharing multimedia files or simply conversations.

Too, it tells you the amount of storage that each conversation occupies. It should be noted that this function is available for both Android and iPhone.

In addition, you can see for each contact all the multimedia files that they have shared in the conversation; be it photos, Gifs, documents, videos and audios. But it must be emphasized that if the content of the chat was deleted, that information cannot be recovered, therefore, that content will not appear in the application’s storage.

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Steps to know who I talk to the most on WhatsApp

Now, to clear all doubts and know who I talk to the most on WhatsApp. The trick is that first you have to enter the applicationOnce there, you must go to the main menu and then select the option “storage and data”. You will see that a window is enabled with several options, from which you must choose the logo of the folder that appears there with the name of managing storage.

When this new window is opened it appears at the top how much storage is in use and the one that remains to be used in the application. It should be said that this storage information is provided as an optional way; and at the bottom there is a list of the «Chats» that are most frequent, that is, the detailed names of your contacts with the amount of data that each conversation has.

Even if you want you can open each of the chats that are reflected in the list and a custom window will open with the name of the selected contact, showing all the multimedia files that have been exchanged in the conversation. You can also sort the way you want the detail of the files to appear. Finally, if you do not have the WhatsApp application yet, you can download it on the official page.

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